10 Minutes Yoga for Fibromyalgia Series

Day Three – My Best Tool for You

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

All you have to do is get comfortable (in your bed with your heat pack is encouraged!) and listen. 

Give yourself the chance to listen all the way through. Even though this tool helps me a heap, sometimes my body and/or brain thinks it won’t work today. My mind goes everywhere, my body feels uncomfortable. Just (mindfully) adjust your body and commit to listening to it through. You might be surprised. 

If your body is particularly restless, you could try a couple of stretches first.

Here’s the action plan: 

  1. Listen to the video
  2. Give it a go – today and tomorrow.
  3. Reply to your email and tell me how it went for you.

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Did you love this? I have a program dedicated to Yoga Nidra! Check it out. This is my favourite tool ever built out into a 21 day build your rest habit program.