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Tips to Cope in the Third Trimester: Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia

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It’s no secret, the third trimester of pregnancy is a trying time. Especially if you have fibromyalgia and any of the comorbid disorders that can go hand in hand with it.

I struggled so much that I was very scared of the prospect of a second pregnancy. The second pregnancy wasn’t much better, but I was better prepared and that made all the difference.

tips to cope in the third trimester: pregnancy with fibromyalgia

But there were a few things I managed that helped greatly and that I have seen mentioned in my reading travels:

Create a pain relief plan for pregnancy

You can do this using my 15-page printable PDF Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia Micro Course Workbook. It goes through the existing information about pain relief during pregnancy, my experiences, a list of natural pain relief options, a list of further reading, a template to make your own pain relief plan (pregnancy edition) with space for notes and the brand new Advanced Pain Relief sheet with links to research about medicine use in pregnancy. Otherwise, just find a list of pregnancy-suitable pain relief mechanisms and make a list of your favourites.


Acupuncture helped me with nausea in the first trimester and then with the pain as the pregnancy progressed. In the third trimester I visited my physiotherapist (who performs acupuncture) weekly. I wish I could have had a full body massage as well, but my neck can only be treated in this way and it was a bit expensive to visit the physio and a massage therapist. Try to find a treatment that helps you.

Keep moving

In my first, I walked until the last day of my pregnancy. It was slow going in the last few weeks, but it was for the good of my mind and body that I went. With my second, I couldn’t physically walk very far at all due to the (undiagnosed) symphysis pubis disorder, but I kept up my pelvic tilts and pelvic floors.

Stretch if nothing else. I love cat and cow pose for keeping my back moving, easing tension in my neck and preparing for delivery.


Find what will help. I had a great full body pillow that I curled around. Sleep was still difficult, but it helped!


Don’t stand when you can sit or sit when you can lie down! Don’t become a couch blob, but take it easy! Meditate!

Eat healthily

I fell in love with semolina porridge (or sooji as my Indian family-in-law knows it), it became my power dish. Try to really think of food as fuel. Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, protein. This may be a good area to get some advice in as I have certainly found that nutrition has a big impact on health.

Write a journal

Try to focus on the beautiful baby you will be given and that will help you to remember that this time will pass! I created this template, Mama Notes, during my second pregnancy to keep track of the cute things Noah was doing as well as my pregnancy. I now have some beautiful memories to look back at.

Stop work as soon as you can

If it becomes a real struggle and you are so sore that you can’t sit down, like I was, then try to give it up as soon as possible.

Iron levels

One thing you definitely need to do is check your iron levels. Ask the doctor, when your results come in, what the range is (it’s a large range), and if it’s low already ask for an easily digestible supplement. It’s standard here to wait until week 28 before testing and by then I had become so low that my stores were wiped, making life much harder than it needed to be. I was beside myself exhausted! And for good reason!

Join the Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia Facebook group

We chat pregnancy, trying to conceive, labour and the early weeks every day, it has been amazing for my third time around to have a small community to do this journey with me. Join us here.

Finally, know that there is a finite time that you are pregnant for. Try to enjoy it! Stockpile the rest!

Do you want more information about coping with the third trimester, early labour and pregnancy and fibro workbook angledthe early weeks with new baby? Find information, research, tip sheets and templates to make YOUR OWN plans in module four of my Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia course! It’s free with the option to purchase my book and/or the workbook – as a combo they give you a lot of knowledge in the subject –
“I found it [the course] easy to use and I feel that with that plus your book Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia I have learnt a lot.” – Amanda, Course Participant
You can also purchase the Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia workbook from my Etsy store and work your way through it at your own pace, there is information, further reading, tip sheets, templates and space for notes.

2 thoughts on “Tips to Cope in the Third Trimester: Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia

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  2. […] working in the third trimester, if I am struggling like I was last time, and I would need at least six months off […]

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