The Definition of Successful

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I think I lost sight of what is important. I lost sight of my definition of the term successful.

I got sucked into the idea of “rising”, of the point being to earn more and more and be “business minded” (read: work lots and have heaps of money).

But that’s not me. My goal has been to build myself a permanent part-time career. So that I can always chase the intersection  of my work life balance. So that I can be well, so that I can be a good mama.

My body and energy levels are unique. Prepregnancy I knew this to be 25-30 hours per week of work. Now, I plan to begin the experiment at 20 hours.

But I was looking for the wrong things.

If the goal is to have a permanent part-time career, then the actual job is going to be a bit different to what I have been thinking. Unfortunately, the business world hasn’t caught up to the idea of meaningful part-time work. So I need to aim at administration level roles.

If I’m being honest, that is a sticking point. I like to think of myself as “past” admin, I have done some amazing roles in the non-profit sector, there is such opportunity there, so I did far more than just administrative tasks when I was EA. Other administrative roles just don’t seem to cut it, challenge-wise.
But what is important is the ability to work part-time. And to be as close as possible to my baby’s care so that I spend as little time away from him as possible. I need to re focus on what’s important to me. Not get lost in the world’s definition of successful.
I am successful. I am good at my work, am married to the love of my life, have been given the joy of my life (my baby), know and follow my passions, live well with a chronic illness and love, A LOT.

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