Tiny Mission – D-Ribose

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Since the the seismic shift of moving cities to take on a 3/4 time role, I have taken tiny steps to improve my life.

In the same vein, in order to track what makes a difference and to fit it in to a busy life, I’m going to try some tiny missions.

After reading some research. And taking the Energy Analysis Programme  from “Dr T” and after talking to my new doctor, I added a scoop (5g) of D-Ribose powder morning and night (when I take magnesium also).

The first dose gave me a sort of buzz, not dissimilar to a double shot coffee. It soon wore off and began to feel like taking any other supplement.

It’s a little hard to judge energy levels as my son finally stopped waking in the middle of the night so often right when I began taking the D-Ribose.

But I do feel I may have been dealing with a few seven hour nights better than previously.

It’s rather hard to experiment with my fatigue as so much changes with my baby waking or sleeping. I am noting how I feel each day but am concurrently adding in meditation and will slowly add other things as I get to know my new doctor.

After three weeks (when the doctors suggest you can see a difference):
I wasn’t sure I had experienced a difference.

As an extension to the experiment, after six weeks of taking the D-Ribose, I stopped taking it. After tracking how I felt for a couple more weeks, I realised that it hadn’t made a difference.

With some minor deflation after the hope that this was my “wonder try” that would make a huge difference, I carry on to the next experiment.

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  1. It’s always worth a try. You never know unless you do. Have you tried Co-enzyme Q10? Recent research that discovered the mitochondria in our cells don’t work properly also found we are seriously deficient in it, so I am taking 300mg per day. I am feeling better, but that could also be due to me sleeping better recently. As you say, it’s hard to know sometimes. But Co Q10 might be worth a go for you too?

    1. What funny timing! I have just today bought COQ10 to try as I have seen the research on that too. I will write that up as a Tiny Mission too 🙂 so encouraing to hear that you’re feeling better on it!

  2. I’m not sure. The dosage on the brand I got is 75mg per tablet with one or two tablets per day depending on why you’re taking it (energy or heart health). So, perhaps, 150mg a day to start.

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