5 Minute Rescue Remedies You Need for Fibromyalgia

5 minute rescue remedies
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Last Updated on February 18, 2022 by melissanreynolds

In the third quick tip coffee chats we discussed using 5 minute rescue remedies when we cannot fit in longer self-care management techniques.

I shared about how my symptoms have been flaring due to the extended sleep deprivation of my fourth baby. My longer Yoga Nidra guided meditation rests have been interrupted and so has my night sleep.

Rest helps sleep, pain, fatigue and the central nervous system. So I had to get creative!

5 minute rescue remedies

Using 5 minute rescue remedies when we are unable to get some longer self-care in can really help. I started using these shorter rest breaks when I was struggling to get any time for self-care strategies. By breaking it down into five minute chunks, I was able to do it on the bed while nursing the baby, on the couch while the children played in the same room etc.

5 Minute Rescue Remedy Coffee Chat

I encourage you to think of when you might be able to sneak in a five minute rescue remedy. In the car after work, in your office during your morning tea break, on the train…you see the potential here. You don’t have to close your eyes. And welcome sounds, let them wash over you. The point isn’t total exclusion of stimuli – it’s inclusion of rest. Try this meditation multiple times today and for the next week and see what a difference it makes.

Your 5 Minute Rescue Remedy Meditation

As a supercharge to this little challenge I set for myself, I decided to release the self-care challenge publicly for the first time. It was previously available to those in the Yoga for the Chronic Life virtual yoga studio.

But we need rest. We need five days of profound rest in our lives. And I want to share these specific tools with you.

This is going to be run in a very special way. We will run through it together for five days in a row from 28th February and then you will retain ongoing access so that you can do it again and again. And you can practice your favourite tools over and over.

The point is for you to come out with daily self management tools that help you. Your own daily rescues. So, my friend, come and join us for this very accessible challenge.

5 minute rescue remedies

One thought on “5 Minute Rescue Remedies You Need for Fibromyalgia

  1. All well and good. But a lifetime with this disease has shown me the none of these really make much difference in the overall scheme of things. I am 68. diagnosed at 25, but probably born with fibromyalgia, and narcolepsy, and picking up a host of other chronic problems and infections over the decades. These are remedies. I have tried all of these and more, except full-on yoga, with little benefit. I simply plan my day carefully don’t push myself too hard. I was a terrible mother because of my problems, in a time when no-one believed that firbro was a valid entity, much like PMS. So I applaud you for this list and efforts to make your day easier. I found that only if I had some extra help around the house could I manage. Period. Unfortunately, my husband, like my family before me thought I was simply lazy and lying so the I didn’t have to do “stuff”. All the best, I hope this does work for you. And that you have a support system that will make it possible. I did not..

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