5 Minutes a Day to Get Started with Yoga for Fibromyalgia

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Last Updated on September 28, 2021 by melissanreynolds

Would you believe 5 minutes a day is all it takes to get started with yoga for fibromyalgia? It is true.

How? Because I made it so.

I became a yoga teacher because I have been sharing what helps me in my journey verses fibromyalgia for the past eight years. I was continually telling you to try yoga, but never had appropriate resources to share.

So I have worked really hard since 2019 – first to become a yoga teacher with my first 200 hour teacher training. Of course, there aren’t many resources about how to do yoga with a fibro body, so I have had to continue with copious amounts of training, reading and personal practice so that I can distill it down for you.

Simply sign up for the free challenge.

But how many of us have already been put off by previous experiences? How many of us have seen the current Western world’s definition of yoga (long classes, being super pretzel like and looking a certain way)?

The physical practice of yoga was initially to support a yogi to be able to sit in meditation.

The way I use yoga is to help me with the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Will it cure us? No. Does it help? Yes! (That is an emphatic yes).

Some days my “practice” is just five minutes. Sometimes those five minutes are not all in a row. I use individual poses as I need, short sequences whenever I can and meditations as often as possible.

You may have noticed that for the past year or so, I am able to send you to resources whenever I suggest something. Whether it’s a YouTube class I made, or my free challenge, my complete beginner’s toolkit or my studio. There are now enough resources to always be able to share yoga tools with you.

This is the culmination of a dream.

The dream this mama formed when she learnt that she could actually train to be a yoga teacher (the traditional model of training doesn’t work for people with chronic pain and fatigue). The dream I held onto as I did my 200 hour yoga teacher training around three small children (and life and health). The dream I have held onto as best as I could while facing multiple lockdowns, adding another baby, struggling with further pelvis issues and more.

I get to share five yoga tools that might be of help to you. In just five minutes a day.

Simply sign up for the free challenge.

The five minutes a day for five days yoga for fibromyalgia FREE challenge is for you.

  • You who have been put off by previous experiences
  • Who didn’t realise yoga meant so much more than 90 minute classes or being a pretzel
  • Who need help with tension, pain and fatigue
  • You who needs to start with just 5 minutes a day

All made by a fibro body for fibro bodies.

It is literally five poses, explained carefully, so that you can give them a go. These are poses I use regularly (if not daily) that help me. It will take you just five minutes a day. More if you choose. I hope you will take them and use them and that they will help you.

How Can You Get Started With Yoga for Fibromyalgia?

Simply sign up for the free challenge.

And commit to it. And do it.

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