6 Quick Gratitude Practices for The Super Busy Momma

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You’ve heard about gratitude practice and it has you curious but you’re a super busy momma, how on earth do you fit it in? And why would you want to?

I have six quick practices for you and a brief case for why you should try one.

If you have ready any other posts on this blog, then you know that self-care is important for super busy mommas – put on your own oxygen mask and all that.

gratitude practices for super busy mommas not your run of the mill ideas either!

In my post 25+ Awesome, Easy Self-Care Ideas and How to Make Your Plan I summarise the value of self-care like this, “you will likely increase your enjoyment of life, experience better health, be more productive, spend less money on your health and live longer. Win-win-win!

Gratitude practice is one awesome, easy self-care idea for the super busy momma (five minutes or less a day)!

Research shows “that simply keeping a gratitude journal—regularly writing brief reflections on moments for which we’re thankful—can significantly increase well‑being and life satisfaction.”

Sign me up for significantly increased well-being and life satisfaction!

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Another article puts it like this, “We’ve studied more than one thousand people, from ages eight to 80, and found that people who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits:


Stronger immune systems
Less bothered by aches and pains
Lower blood pressure
Exercise more and take better care of their health
Sleep longer and feel more refreshed upon waking.”

Again, sign me up for all of these benefits. Especially when we can complete the practice quickly.

How quickly, you ask? In five minutes or less. Below are just six ideas for you to get started.

6 quick gratitude practices for the super busy momma not your run of the mill ideas either!

6 quick gratitude practices for the super busy momma

One – The Gratitude Photo

Take one photo a day of something that absolutely inspires you and makes you grateful you saw it (bonus publish it in a photobook at the end of the year). This is great if you are particularly visual and like photography. All you need is a smartphone.

Two – The Special Journal

Write down three things you’re grateful for each day in a special journal. If you want a specific template, I created this worksheet that you can purchase, download and print right now.

Three – Your Partner Practice

Tell your partner/husband/spouse/other what you appreciate about them each evening. Research says it supports happy relationships, “a new study suggests that couples who express gratitude are more satisfied with their relationship.”

6 gratitude practices for the super busy momma - not your run of the mill ideas either!

Four – The Free Writing Rebel Practice

Don’t be confined to any one way, give yourself permission to do what you like each day. Free write in a blank journal what you were grateful for – give detail.

Five – The Praying Practice

Pray and thank God (or whatever aligns with your beliefs) for three specific things.

Six – The One Sentence Journal

Write one sentence a day about something you’re grateful for.

Which one of these will you try?

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