A Free Bed Yoga Mini-Retreat

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Bed yoga is the perfect way to get the side benefits of yoga, without overdoing it. You can gently build strength, calm your central nervous system, practice your breathing and much more – all from your bed.

So the next time someone near you says they can’t “do” yoga – share this with them!!

This free class/mini retreat follows my framework to breathe, stretch and rest. With extra focus on the rest. Don’t skip the rest! This is where we get the most benefits. 



bed yoga retreat for you

Click on each section below to open each class.

A wonderful way to delineate between your practice and the rest of the day is by connecting to your breath. 

This five minute breathing practice is a wonderful, calming start. 

You can do it seated, standing or lying down. 

This is your 10 minute, on the bed reset for chronic pain and fatigue. 

You may do this on your bed or on the floor. Whatever suits. 

Join me for this wonderful version of legs up the wall that is much more accessible (and safer for in bed). 

Relaxing visualisation meditation for profound rest. Do not mistake this for a footnote, this is the big kahuna. If you do nothing else, do this one! 

Take the time to set yourself up comfortably so that you can fully rest here. You may like to experiment with a cushion under the thighs for lower back comfort. An eye pillow is optional but can help relaxation in many. Ensure you will not be disturbed. You will want a blanket to cover you if you are not under your covers. 

Did you enjoy this? was it surprising how accessible yoga can be? 

I hope you will do it again!

bed yoga retreat for you

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