Coping in Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Google “coping in pregnancy with chronic pain” or “pregnancy with fibromyalgia” and you get a lot more hits than I…

Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia: An Interview with Doctor Ginevra Liptan Fibromyalgia Specialist

Dr Ginevra Liptan discusses fertility, pregnancy, delivery and nursing with fibromyalgia. She also talks low dose naltrexone during pregnancy. This is the gold mine we have been missing previously.

It All Goes So Fast

It is all borrowed time. He grows. I have to work.

My beautiful baby is rapidly approaching toddlerhood. I am loving seeing him fly by these developmental milestones; clapping, crawling, walking, eating.

As intense and hard as it was, it was precious. This delicious creature whooshed into my life (well, no whooshing, pregnancy and labour took forever) but he came bowling in. He taught me so much.

I love. I strive. I plan. I do. All for him.

How I Decided to Have a Second Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia

Having a baby is a tremendous (and rewarding) undertaking, particularly when you have chronic pain and fatigue. My first pregnancy…