What They Don’t Know, Or Some Encouragement

There are a great many things those people in the lives of chronic pain and fatigue sufferers will never know. They’ll never know much harder it is to do those things that everyone else takes for granted. How many days we spend miserable, not wanting to be awake, but knowing that going to bed won’t help. The extent of our pain.

10 Nice Minutes with a Chronic Illness

I’m a fan of having a moment of nice in an otherwise tough day. My moment of nice is IMG_9390usually a good espresso, that jolt only caffeine can give me that lasts a fleeting 10 minutes, if I’m lucky.
Here’s a list of the things we could do in 10 good minutes:
Read (book nerd alert, always number one if my brain is not super fogged)
Have a cup of tea or coffee and savour it
A hot shower

Serenity, Or We’ll Be OK

One of the hardest things about living with fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome is the unpredictability.

You can have a day where you slept nine hours the night before (with only one interruption by the baby), did the right exercise the day before, take your supplements (D-Ribose and magnesium), do a 40 minute meditation – in other words do everything right – and still end up with a sudden increase in fatigue.

Experiments, Or How Do You Know?

A well designed research study tries to ensure results are attributable to the experiment and not something else.

But with fibro/CFS things change daily. There are a tapestry full of threads that make up my conditions and my context. I’m having a flare up, despite doing everything in my power to be well!