Dyson v10 Animal: Review for Chronic Illness

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Last Updated on March 17, 2023 by melissanreynolds

I’m no household appliance expert but I am an expert on managing the house with chronic illness and the Dyson v10 Animal is a game changer.

Vacuuming can be a difficult task for those of us with chronic pain and fatigue.

Finding the ability to get out the machine, put the parts together, plug it in, lug it around and put it all away again is a whole thing. It takes a lot of effort.

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I longed for the ability to “just” grab the vacuum and get an area of the house clean.

Now I have it!

It is literally a pleasure to vacuum now. The amount of fluff I get up and how easy it is to use is staggering.

Introducing my new love: The Dyson v10 Animal

The Dyson v10 Animal was not an easy buy for me. I researched about which vacuum was the best for a home with four small children and a cavalier king Charles spaniel. Other factors included the fact that our house is big and mostly carpeted.

It needed to be easy to maneuver. Light enough for me to operate. And be able to do the job.

I hummed over the cost for some time. But I knew that it’s better to spend the money and have a proper vacuum, than not and get a dud.

And I was in love from the moment I started using it.

It was so easy to set up and use that I could do so immediately. I used it on the carpet of a loungeroom that hadn’t had a proper vacuum in weeks due to the motor of the old vacuum dying.

The amount of white dog hair gathered in the first five minutes was astounding.

The empty, once I YouTubed how to do it, was quick and easy.

So, as a person with chronic pain issues, how was it?

Really great.

The one potential con of the Dyson v10 Animal

One issue is the need to hold the finger on the trigger to keep it working. My index fingers experience pain in the joints, so on a high pain day, this could be difficult. However as the Dyson v10 animal is so light, I was able to operate it completely with one hand. So each hand got a full break. I could also use my middle finger!

dyson v10 animal stick vacuum

This will make sticking to my top tips for vacuuming with fibromyalgia/chronic pain and fatigue so much easier:

1. Choose a light vacuum
2. Leave it set up
3. Vacuuming in small bursts (ie one room at a time if needed)
4. Do less, more often is the way with small children and a dog (ie do the lounge every two days and the rest weekly)
5. You can ask for help but with a Dyson v10 animal you may not want to share

Do you need the Dyson v10 or an earlier model such as the v8?

It’s all about battery power (so how much house do you need to vacuum at once) and size of the dust bin (how dirty does your floor tend to get).

If you live in an apartment or don’t have pets, you may like a Dyson v8.

I chose the Dyson v10 because I’ve got dog hair ALL OVER THE PLACE and four children. I needed the battery power and the size of dust bin.

One thing to note is that the battery power of “max” mode isn’t long – however I’m not sure in what instance I’d need to employ it. Normal mode is like hyper power compared to my last vacuum – and that was a good one.

What about the other brands like Samsung?

I researched those too, but ultimately chose the Dyson because the brand has a good history with vacuums and my sister has the Dyson v8 (less carpets at her house) and raves about it. The reviews online were predominantly good. And I liked the additional parts that come with it (for dusting and such).

It is literally a pleasure to vacuum now. The amount of fluff I get up and how easy it is to use is staggering.

You can check out the Dyson v10 here.

Tell us: what vacuum do you use?

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