Congrats, It’s a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis, now what?

what to do with fibromyalgia diagnosis
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Last Updated on February 2, 2022 by melissanreynolds

When we receive a fibromyalgia diagnosis, we mostly end up with more questions than answers. This year I am on a mission to answer these questions as succinctly as possible.

The first answers I have for you are what to do first.

From everything we know, you have likely seen several doctors, had symptoms for a long while and been through a load of hoops. Sorry but welcome! I have a load of resources to help you.

what to do with fibromyalgia diagnosis

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Congrats, It’s a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis Video

It’s been six years of niggling symptoms, two years of asking for help, four different doctors and now you have a word. Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a complex chronic condition that has been around for a long, long time. It has many different symptoms and potential treatments. But no cure. It is a medical blackhole.

I created the Melissa vs Fibromyalgia: My Journey Fighting Chronic Pain, Fatigue and Insomnia eBook and worksheet bundle to help you go from confusion to starting your own path.

What do you do once you receive a fibromyalgia diagnosis? Learn. That is what my work is all about.


Symptom Tracking with Fibromyalgia Video

Once you have your fibromyalgia diagnosis and you’re starting to learn. What now? Get to know what it is your managing here.

How? By symptom tracking.

This helps us to work proactively with our doctors and on our own. It helps us to see patterns and assess what is working. Plus an exhausted, brain fogged brain cannot remember yesterday, let alone last week.

You will want to track:

  • Sleep quality
  • Sleep quantity
  • Symptom levels
  • Medications and treatments
  • Self-care and gentle exercise

I include a symptom tracker in the eBook and worksheet bundle mentioned above. I also have one here in the Ultimate Wellness Planning Kit. I have a thing for creating helpful worksheets because I like physical, paper trackers.

You could also find a digital one. An app. Or format your own book, bullet journal or log.

You can learn more about symptom tracking here.

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis Summary

So we have covered what to do once you have your fibromyalgia diagnosis and some symptom tracking options. Get started tracking your symptoms, if you haven’t already.

Grab the Melissa vs Fibromyalgia: My Journey Fighting Chronic Pain, Fatigue and Insomnia eBook and worksheet bundle if you want to see my journey succinctly written with your own worksheets to get started. Or take a look though the archives of this blog, there are over 300 articles here to help you. This one may help you to start.

fibromyalgia diagnosis

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