High-Pain Week

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Last Updated on July 4, 2015 by melissanreynolds

My bed is more like Grand Central Station than a rest stop. I go to the bathroom 1-3 times, depending on whether or not I went crazy and drank something other than water after 2pm. My son wakes anywhere between 0-4 times, teething is going on and on! And my husband either gets up or comes home about 5, depending on his shifts.

My Fitbit sleep graph shows many nights that seem like there are more restless and awake periods than asleep periods.

Sleep is the foundation for my day. Broken or less than eight hours sleep makes my day miserable. Eight hours plus helps me to cope.

For whatever reason, perhaps the come down after a very hard three months with a new job that didn’t work out and virus after virus, I’ve had a particularly painful week.

On Wednesday I found my muscle relaxants were prescribed in 2010! My antiinflammatory medicine expired in 2014.

While I couldn’t take these, it was a sign of how well I’ve been doing that they lasted well beyond expiry!

Knowing I had Physio on Thursday, I didn’t make a DR’s appointment. By Friday I wasn’t feeling any better, in fact my back was spasming rather painfully. A call with my DR’s nurse confirmed I shouldn’t take the expired medicine but suggested I try panadol, for back spasms. I was shocked.

Nevertheless I thought I must show some improvement 24 hours after Physio.

On Saturday my back, shoulders, neck and head were so tight I was experiencing stabbing type pains in my skull and spasms in my back. I felt nauseas and miserable. A trip to the chemist proved they had nothing for me. They offered an NSAID which I’d been prescribed previously but I’m pretty sure doesn’t work for me.

Walking back to the car with my husband I expressed my disappointment at not managing  as well as I thought I was. And immediately realised that managing with pain relief is still managing. Just with more side effects.

So I’m hoping my Dr has an appointment early Monday in order to get some help. 

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