How I Manage My (Digital) Thoughts

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Last Updated on January 9, 2015 by melissanreynolds

With a touch of the brain fog, a bad neck and a busy baby, I have to manage my post ideas digitally (and immediately).

These two apps have been a lifesaver:

The WordPress app.

My Evernote app. I have a free account and, in addition to saving post ideas in there, I also keep heaps of recipes and articles in various notebooks (for subjects such as pregnancy and fibromyalgia).

I've just been diagnosed with f...
I've just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia now what do I do?

Sometimes the notes I take for blog posts remain sentences for weeks or months, other times whole blog posts pour out of me. But they’re all captured in Evernote – and accessible on my laptop for when I get super motivated and transfer a few posts at a time to the blog.

The apps aren’t great for formatting, so when I want to link and use other formatting options, I use the laptop.

But the apps have been so useful because my neck far prefers using the phone than the laptop as I can sit or lie down, do it in few minute spots and have my neck resting while I use it. Just in case this could be of use to you, I have a list of the digital tools I utilise:

For work:

  • Dropbox – free online document storage, accessible across laptop and phone
  • Google calendar – this is also accessible across platforms and I have access my client’s calendar too
  • Gmail
  • Insightly customer relationship database – this is my preferred database for my client’s needs and it’s free at the level of data we use

For life:

  • Evernote app
  • WordPress app
  • Facebook app
  • GoodReads app
  • Pocket – I share all articles of interest in there so that I can read them when I have time
  • Photo Grid app – for editing the thousands of photos I take of my boy

Are there any other good ones, particularly for manging writing ideas?

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