How To Get Out of Bed in the Morning With Fibromyalgia

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How do I get out of bed in the morning with chronic pain/fibromyalgia? I share my tips to this question asked by a member of my group in this episode of Quick Tips Coffee Chat with Melissa.

I dived right in with some practical tips for how to get out of bed in the morning with fibromyalgia.

Strategy for getting out of bed in the morning with fibromyalgia

The Five Second Rule method. Using Mel Robbins idea of launching yourself up with a countdown. 5-4-3-2-1 up.

Sit on the edge of your bed for a few moments and do some deep breathing to ease yourself into the day.

Making a Mindful Morning Routine

It might surprise you to know that I don’t recommend diving into a yoga routine first thing in the morning. Our bodies are stiff and sore, ain’t nobody working out. However, some gentle stretches, breathing and meditation can be a useful way to get going first thing.

If you don’t have to jump out of bed and directly into managing multiple children, like me, then I suggest a mindful morning routine.

It could consist of a few moments of mindfulness when you first wake. Take some time to notice the light streaming in, the sounds you can hear, the feel of the blanket on your body.

Stretch slowly, mindfully, gently (while still in bed).

You could do:

The sky is the limit. This is your morning and you get to choose what works for you.

My morning routine

As you may know, I have four small children, I usually wake with the smallest in bed with me (he does not sleep well). So I have to just get up and go. I get the children organised and sit with my heat pack, toast and coffee. When I am getting dressed I do a few standing stretches.

I take mindful breathing breaks regularly. They are ingrained into my lifestyle. But I would absolutely incorporate some more time in bed for stretching and breathing if I could.

If you would like my four best yoga tools to help you create a mindful morning (or evening!) routine, grab the free series below.


This is a brief overview of how you can structure the morning to ease pain and fatigue and the difficulties with getting up.

Tell us: How do you tackle the morning?

While you’re sitting on the side of your bed or at some point in the morning routine, you can take stock of your morning symptom levels easily with my symptom tracker journal.

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