It All Goes So Fast

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Last Updated on April 10, 2015 by melissanreynolds

It is all borrowed time. He grows. I have to work.Noah March

My beautiful baby is rapidly approaching toddlerhood. I am loving seeing him fly by these developmental milestones; clapping, crawling, walking, eating.

As intense and hard as it was, it was precious. This delicious creature whooshed into my life (well, no whooshing, pregnancy and labour took forever) but he came bowling in. He taught me so much.

I love. I strive. I plan. I do. All for him.

It’s all for him, now.

And as he slides towards his first birthday, leaving babyhood behind, I’m a little sad.

It’s time.

I must work. And that will sap my limited energy levels.

So it has started to feel like borrowed time.

We have been turning quiet afternoons into mini dance parties. We savour the cuddles. I watch. I listen. I smile at his perfection.

I still can’t believe how much motherhood alters your existence. Your priorities, your time, your energy, your wishes, dreams and goals, your everything changes. And it’s such a gift.

So I’m thankful, in addition to sad, that this time in our lives is coming to a close. But I’m so excited for what comes next.

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