The (easier) Way to Make Money Online in 2023 for Busy Mamas with Fibromyalgia

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That is not a typo – this is the easier way to make money online in 2023 using my learning from nearly a decade of blogging. No get rich quick promises, no expedited timelines, no mention of six figures (except here).

As someone who accidentally started blogging in 2013 (I started an anonymous blog to share my journey while pregnant with a chronic illness that the doctors didn’t know how to treat), I’ve seen the waves of change.

make money online as a busy mama

I’ve consumed a lot of “How to make money online” content. I have also experimented with several ways.

My online work makes a tiny but consistent monthly revenue, so I can’t brag or claim to know how to get rich quick. But I have surpassed like 80% of people who attempt to blog.

My niche is never making the “top niches to make money blogging” lists. So the growth is different, but but principles remain the same.

Here’s what I’ve learnt in eight years  — how to make money online simply

1. Start a following on a platform (by sharing useful information)
2. Invite them to your newsletter list (with an opt in/freebie)
3. Keep sending them useful content
4. Offer them a product or service that solves their problem

This is precisely what I’m doing with this blog (and have adapted my first blog to do).

I spent several years churning out content, as I was taught to do, to little effect. My energy wasted in the content creation and not in the marketing of said content. Successful online work takes marketing.

Also, I was so focused on helping people (read: throwing a lot of information at them) that I didn’t realise I wasn’t helping a majority of them. They were overwhelmed! But that is another story.

Why this system and not the churning out content for advertising revenue model?

Relying on growing a blog or YouTube channel to traffic numbers that support income from things like advertising and affiliates is a long and expensive (time or money) game.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, of course, but it’s not the easiest way.

Let me give you an example:

This site – I’m a yoga teacher who loves sharing yoga tools for rest and self-care to help busy people with fibromyalgia manage all the things.

I create (what I hope is) useful content on this site.

Then I offer you my free 10 minutes challenge. You also get my emails.

If you like my work, you can purchase my yoga programs.

For me, and I hope for most bloggers, the passion to help my audience is more important than the income. But without the income, I can’t justify my energy expenditure (and the cost of my health and time with my children).

I’m seeking to create freedom with my online income- the first part is freeing up precious energy from the extra part-time job. As I’m sure you are too.

This blog post is about encouraging you and sharing a framework that may help you. I have no interest in teaching people how to blog (I am no expert). But I would have loved to get some guidance from other super busy people who cannot do the 5am hustle or the after work/kids midnight oil burn. If you like this and want more content like this – let me know.

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make money online as a busy mama

Why 2023?

Because by the time you choose a platform, master it, start gathering followers, create a freebie, set up your newsletter list, write weekly emails, create a product or service and get enough numbers to make much income from it, it will be closer to 2023.

You may have a head start on some of these sections. You could speed through the steps. But for the majority of us, it will take time. And I’d rather you come back and say, “I did it, thanks for being realistic” than, “you fudged the timeline like everyone else”.

Also, many people reading this will be busy mamas with or without chronic symptoms, we don’t have time to do a rush job or the energy to hustle at 5am.

While we’re on the subject of energy — grab my free 10 minutes a day self-care challenge to help supercharge your energy.

Are you a mama or chronic symptom thriver who wants to start, or has a blog? Share it below! Tell us about your plans and how you make it work as a busy mama/chronic symptom thriver.

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