Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia You Need to Know About

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We know that managing fibromyalgia is a complex ballgame. It takes a holistic, multi-pronged approach to manage it well. This includes medication, yoga, sleep, pacing, stress management, nutrition, gentle movement and much more.

One thing I have written about a fair bit are natural treatment options. This post rounds up some of my top posts about natural treatment options for fibromyalgia.

natural treatments for fibromyalgia
  • My favourite five pain management mechanisms
  • 5 Supplements for fibromyalgia energy
  • Supplements for fibromyalgia pain
  • MSM for fibromyalgia: a powerhouse
  • My favourite supplement ever for fibromyalgia
  • Curcumin for chronic pain 

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In this post I share my top five favourite natural pain management mechanisms. They are pregnancy and nursing safe too! This one of my earlier posts that I update a little here and there, but will essentially always be one of the top ten posts that will never go out of date.

This post shares some supplement ideas for helping energy production in fibromyalgia. I summarise each option and provide research and further information.

In Supplements for Fibromyalgia Pain, I share supplements that can help with pain. I also share brief information about the supplement, research and more information.

MSM for Fibromyalgia is a comprehensive post diving into the different ways MSM is said to help us from digestion to pain. 

Again, I share a comprehensive post packed full of research, information, links to further information and my experience. Recovery Factors has made a massive difference for me, and I share all about it here. 

Curcumin for Chronic Pain goes over what it is, how it is meant to help, where to find it and my experience when I tried it. 

I hope these six posts give you some ideas to research, consider and discuss with your medical team. My core protocol remains the same, but natural pain relief options and supplements are things I change up regularly.

Tell us: What are your favourite natural treatments for fibromyalgia?

natural treatments for fibromyalgia

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  1. I love natural treatments for whatever ails me and I love the way you have set out this post and of course your video too. Thank you for linking this up at Fibro Friday and for your continued support there to raise fibromyalgia awareness.

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