Can I do Yoga while Pregnant with Chronic Pain? Pregnancy Friendly Yoga for Fibromyalgia

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Last Updated on September 30, 2023 by melissanreynolds

pregnancy friendly yoga for fibromyalgia

Is there such a thing as pregnancy friendly yoga for fibromyalgia? Yes, my friends, I have ensured there is! Below are classes I have shared on YouTube that can be suitable for pregnancy, depending on your level of mobility and ability.

The general rule with practicing yoga in pregnancy is that you can continue what you were already practicing before you got pregnant. With the exception of what makes you feel uncomfortable, prone (on your tummy) poses, supine (on your back) poses after around 18 weeks and closed twists (twisting across your belly where you are not making adequate space for the belly and putting pressure on it).

If you are approaching yoga for the first time, keep it super simple, breath-focused and check in with your medical team.

Do always check with your medical practitioner that you are cleared for exercise. Even if you are not, you can do gentle breathing practices and my favourite yoga tool of all time, Yoga Nidra guided meditation.

Can I do yoga while pregnant with fibromyalgia video

In this video I share some tips and tricks and general guidelines for practicing yoga while pregnant with fibromyalgia.

Below are some of the Pregnancy Friendly Yoga for Fibromyalgia classes I have created for you.

five minute breathing practice for fibromyalgia

Anyone can benefit from five minutes of time out to focus on themselves and take some good, deep breaths. Especially during pregnancy. Give yourself the gift of five minutes to focus on filling that diaphragm, no matter how cramped it is. Learn more about breathing, the central nervous system and fibromyalgia here.

This gentle, beginner practice is a breath-focused 10 minute class perfect for most. During seated forward bend (near the end) please open your legs enough to fit your abdomen between, use a pillow on your legs or omit this pose. If you are past 18 weeks pregnant, or don’t feel comfortable on your back, please do side lying rest position in place of legs on the cushion (final relaxation pose).

gentle chair yoga for fibromyalgia

This gentle chair yoga class is a great way to maintain mobility without getting onto the floor. It is a mindful, breath-focused gentle practice.

my favourite yoga tools for pregnancy with fibromyalgia

In the above video I share my favourite tools that yoga offers us when we are pregnant with fibromyalgia.

pregnancy, fibromyalgia and pelvic girdle pain story

In the above video I share my story of practicing yoga with declining mobility and how I balanced the fibromyalgia with pelvis issues in pregnancy. I also shared my three favourite poses to do at that time.

swissball childs pose

This is a tutorial for using the Swissball to aid you with child’s pose in pregnancy. If you want to check out all of the yoga classes available on my YouTube channel check it out here. I’d be so grateful if you wanted to hit that subscribe button to be notified of my new classes! There are some great classes scheduled for 2021!

yoga nidra for fibromyalgia

This is my absolute favourite yoga tool – for everybody at any stage of life. It is particularly great for the person with insomnia to recoup some vital rest. It is awesome for the pregnant, chronically fatigued person who’s insomnia has gone through the roof! Learn more about Yoga Nidra here.

This profoundly relaxing meditation will give you 15 minute of deep rest. Please feel free to do this in your bed.

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the ultimate melissa vs fibromyalgia bundle

Tell us, have you practiced yoga in pregnancy? Are you going to give any of these a try?

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