Fibromyalgia Framework Workbook


Are you living with fibromyalgia and looking for a framework to help you manage the symptoms? Would you like to take control of your healing journey?

The Fibromyalgia Framework series shares my (evolving) view of managing fibromyalgia based upon my personal experience and research. I took myself from miserable to thriving despite fibromyalgia, but it took me years and I lost the entirety of my 20s first – I don’t want this for you.

The framework gives you information and tools so you can tackle chronic pain and chronic fatigue today.

I have been fighting for myself and researching for the past several years. I wish this compilation of information and tools existed to help me at my beginning stages. Now my mission is to help your journey be shorter than mine. This is why I have written around 200 articles on my blog, two books, created many templates and workbooks and this series.

I lost too much of my life to chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia, waiting for a doctor to help, with no idea where to start helping myself.

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The Fibromyalgia Framework Parts

Part One – My Fibromyalgia Framework
Where we look at the complexity of this illness and how to tackle it. We being the fibromyalgia puzzle to help you visualize what you need to tackle.

Part Two – Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis and Fibro Books
Where we look at the diagnosis process, the prevalence of misdiagnosis and my favourite books about fighting Fibromyalgia.

Part Three – Tracking Progress
Where we look at why and how to track your progress.

Part Four – Sleep
Where we look at sleep, why it is king in fighting fibromyalgia symptoms, the research and some sleep tips.

Part Five – Central Sensitivity/Overactive Nervous System
Where we are introduced to the concept of an overactive nervous system and how to help combat this.

Part Six – Pain Management
Where we delve into the giant topic of pain management, I share my experience with Low Dose Naltrexone and you choose some pain relief options to try.

Part Seven – Fatigue
Where we discuss fatigue, energy and pacing.

Part Eight – Normal Human Needs
Where we look at managing our normal human needs and look further into gentle exercise and yoga for fibromyalgia.

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How does the Fibromyalgia Framework Work?

The Fibromyalgia Framework Workbook is a 53-page book with all of the series lessons, templates, information sheets and space for notes to work through the content as a course. There are action points and the opportunity to share your journey with the team over at Melissa (you) vs Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia Facebook group and chat through your progress and questions.

You can purchase it as a physical workbook and work through it on your own.

You can also opt to add some coaching sessions with me to help you work through your personal goals as you work on your individual journey fighting fibromyalgia. Fill in this form to register your interest in a complimentary chat! In the chat we will explore where you are at now, your goals, some tips you can try right now and if the time is right for us to begin the coaching process.

You can also purchase it as an electronic workbook if you prefer.

This is for you if you want:

  • Guidance through making your own symptom puzzle (the key things you need to tackle)
  • An introduction to the diagnosis and misdiagnosis conundrum and key books to read
  • A way to track your progress
  • Things you can enact today to help you sleep better and templates to help you plan
  • An introduction to central nervous system overactivity and some things to help with that
  • Many pain relief options to try right now and a plan for pain management
  • Knowledge about pacing and managing energy and fatigue
  • To know how gentle movement and managing “normal human needs” can help


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