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Do you struggle with chronic pain? Chronic fatigue? Fibromyalgia? This wellness planning kit can help you.

Would you like a template set to help you tackle these symptoms from someone who has been where you are? Who is a little further along in her journey to wellness – and has used these templates to help her?

Now you can!

This the ultimate bundle of all of my best templates to help you planning for wellness! I use these with my coaching clients and in my own journey.

Take control of your healing journey with My Health Planner Kit / My Wellbeing Planner. It’s a compilation of 17 templates to help you manage your chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or other chronic illness.

This is a 25 page instantly downloadable printable kit and is specially designed to help you have your plans in place to tackle your chronic illness. You choose when you are ready to work through each bit – you can make a general pain relief plan, work on specific symptoms, make a flare plan and track your sleep progress (and more). There are three pages of instructions to help you make the most of the kit.

It is designed to be printed either as A4 or A5. If you use the option “fit” for paper size (or however your printer puts it) and use A4 it will come out bigger. If you choose A5 then it will fit on your A5 paper and slip nicely into your A5 planner.

What is included in your wellness planner kit?

  • Cover page
  • Key information page
  • My Symptom List
  • My General Pain Relief Plan
  • My Targeted Symptom Plan
  • My Flare To Do List
  • My Flare Must Have List
  • My Medicine List
  • My Supplement List
  • Things I’d Like to Try List
  • Things I have Tried List
  • My Support List
  • My Passion Worksheet
  • My Sleep Diary (to track your sleep patterns)
  • My Sleep Hygiene Plans
  • My Daily Wellbeing Log (daily health tracker)
  • My Movement Plan
  • My Thankful List
  • My Yearly Goals
  • My Life Goals List
  • Notes (three pages of notes on how to use the planner)
  • PLUS BONUS affirmation cards: Four affirmation cards to motivate you and for use in meditation.

To purchase all of these templates separately would cost over $40 – but they are available in this bundle for just $24.99. And because this is a digital download you will have immediate access! Simply print out what you want to get started using right away and begin.

Purchase it here:

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Take advantage of my experience and grab this kit. Then come on over to Melissa (you) vs Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia Facebook group to chat with us about your journey. Look through for options to add to your plans!


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