The Best Supplement for Fibromyalgia: Recovery Factors Review

recovery factors fibromyalgia
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Last Updated on December 9, 2021 by melissanreynolds

Recovery Factors is my favourite supplement for fibromyalgia.

It is, “a unique porcine serum-derived polypeptide complex originally developed as a unique nutritional support supplement.” It delivers all amino acids and contains iron. There is more here about what it is.

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Recovery Factors is my favourite supplement for fibromyalgia

Amino acid supplementation for fibromyalgia appears to be a useful treatment option.

I had only ever thought of one at a time, 5HTP for sleep, lysine for cold sores, acetyl l carinitine etc.

Prefer to listen?

How Did I Get Involved with the Recovery Factors Study?

At the end of 2019 Doctor Teitelbaum offered an opportunity to try a supplement that he and a fellow doctor had been finding helpful with their fibromyalgia patients.

As one of the lucky participants I received my bottles and started the trial eagerly.

I noticed that the ingredients label listed iron and an extensive list of amino acids. Iron is something I have been deficient in my entire adult life, even when I ate more meat.

Recovery Factors best supplement for fibromyalgia

Being an avid learner – I set about researching and found some interesting information.

“Patients with sleep disorders demonstrate a nutritional deficiency of tryptophan, choline and GABA. Fibromyalgia patients also have reduced blood levels of serotonin and 5-hydroxytryptophan.
A double-blind, randomized trial compared an amino acid based medical food with trazodone to study sleep latency and parasympathetic autonomic nervous system improvement in sleeping hours. The results showed improved sleep quality without morning grogginess along with improved nighttime parasympathetic activity with the use of the medical food.”

We know sleep is huge in fibromyalgia. It is a massive perpetuating factor.

Amino acids can help everything, “From treating sleep disorders and energy deficits to nervous system and methylation factors that support proper neutralizing and elimination of toxins within the body.”

An old article from Dr Teitelbaum states, “I recommend supplementation with all of the amino acids as opposed to using a single one by itself, as these supplies overall nutritional support and are less likely to cause a relative deficiency of other amino acids.”

The results are out from the study:

  • 69.5% average increase in energy
  • 69.2% average increase in overall well being
  • 54.1% average improvement in sleep
  • 60.5% average improvement in mental clarity
  • 37.9% average decrease in discomfort
  • 34.8% average improvement in calmness
  • 54.6% average improvement in digestive symptoms

(My bold)

recovery factors supplement for fibromyalgia

My experiment with Recovery Factors

The first few nights I took the full dose as recommended and slept like I was heavily sedated. When I woke my neck was very sore from the immobility and I had a severe headache.

After struggling through a few days feeling more and more lethargic, I emailed Doctor Teitelbaum’s office asking if I should decrease the dose. Doctor T himself replied that I should, and take the dose that works for me.

I reduced to half and continued to sleep better but less heavily. I noticed less gut issues, slightly less pain and some more energy.

The bottles lasted me longer due to my dosage, wanting to prolong it even more I dropped to two pills at bedtime only. I continued to sleep better.

March 2020 I ran out and then the lockdown happened in New Zealand. I ended up with no supplement, no physiotherapy, a lot of stress, no childcare and a new job. My sleep deteriorated. The migraines, of which I’d had two the previous month and one a year prior, escalated.

In June my doctor and I agreed I’d go back on Amitriptyline for a time and I’d order the recovery factors supplement which was now for sale.

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July Update (6/7 months)

My bottle arrived in much quicker timing than I expected, with the pandemic slowing things down and it already taking longer to get to New Zealand. So I was very happy.

When I began again, I started at two tablets per night, I take it right before bedtime, which is contrary to the dosing recommendations. But, as I found with low dose naltrexone, dosing is individual.

Between the tiny dose of Amitriptyline and Recovery Factors I am now sleeping again! I am even getting between 10-18% of deep sleep most of the time. Deep sleep is a big issue in fibromyalgia. And for this reason alone the nearly $100 NZD for the bottle and the delivery is worth every single cent. As I take three tablets a day a bottle lasts me about 2.5 months – so it is only around $40 a month. The value of a good quality multivitamin that does so much more than a multi can do.

In addition, for the first time in many years I have nearly optimal iron levels without iron injections. This is important for me as I tend to live at the very bottom of a very big range and I feel the effects (I get lethargic, fatigued and dizzy).

You can check out the Recovery Factors site, research and grab a bottle here.

If you use the code ad6c16 you will get 5% off!

Notes for You if You Are Considering Trying It

Do always remember to check for interactions. My doctor deemed the doses of Recovery Factors and Amitriptyline suitable for me. You need to check your doses with your doctor.

You also need to check with your doctor about your iron levels, although many of us struggle with low levels, some have high levels. It can be dangerous to have too much iron in the system, so please check.

What Life is Like for me Now (2020)

Recovery Factors helps me with sleep. The sleep leads to less pain and fatigue. Which in turn leads to better enjoyment of life, more ability to do what I want to do (higher functionality) and better sleep. It’s like a reversal of the vicious cycle of fibromyalgia. I am not healed, but I am doing more of what I want with less pain and fatigue.

I have managed to stop taking amitriptyline again and am taking three tablets of Recovery Factors at bedtime. This is great for me as I prefer not to be reliant on too much. My sleep is trying to normalise again after the amitriptyline.

I am currently working part-time, managing this blog, the Yoga for the Chronic Life virtual studio, and my three small children. In terms of exercise, I am walking around 10,000 steps each day, have worked up from 15 minutes per walks to around 40 minutes several times a week. I am only hampered by weather and needing help with the wee ones when we are out. It’s nothing short of breath taking.

Do remember this is all in conjunction with my whole of life protocol. Pacing, low dose naltrexone, healthy eating, yoga, meditation and reducing stress as possible.

Recovery Factors vs Generic Amino Acid Supplementation 2021

As an avid experimenter, I wanted to ensure that the supplements I pay good money for actually help. So I tried another amino acid formula that cost me half and could be shipping within my own country (thereby cutting delivery times).

I gave it a good month before calling it. My sleep had decreased, pain and fatigue increased.

Recovery Factors won hands down. By the second night back on it, I could tell the difference for sure.

My whole of life protocol definitely includes this supplement long term.

Grab your own bottle here.

Have you tried Recovery Factors? Please tell us how it goes for you.

Recovery Factors is my favourite supplement for fibromyalgia

10 thoughts on “The Best Supplement for Fibromyalgia: Recovery Factors Review

  1. I was also in Dr T’s study. I had a bad reaction to it but kept taking it thinking it would ease off. It only got worse. All I can think of is that I must have a bad reaction to cottonseed oil, an ingredient I have always avoided.

    1. melissanreynolds says:

      I am sorry to hear that. Did you try a lower dose? I didn’t react well to the full dose, and still only take one dose of three tablets a day. Dr T himself advised this when I emailed him during the study 🙂

  2. Cath Lucas says:

    Unfortunately buying in US dollars is too expensive for me to purchase.
    Is there anything similar here in Australia that will do the same job?
    I find PEA very helpful & magnesium. Melatonin works well for sleep too.
    Cathy (Gosford NSW)

    1. melissanreynolds says:

      Hi Cath, unfortunately there isn’t anything similar that works as well. I tried a liver supplement from here in New Zealand and it did not come close in terms of helping me. I haven’t tried PEA but I take my magnesium daily 🙂

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