Second Trimester, The Second Time

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The second time around I truly found a distinction between the first and second trimesters, a real diminishing of symptoms. The nausea vanished, the more extreme fatigue receded and my low back pain eased. For a time.

second-trimesterThe relative lack of stress, limited work hours and the totally different place in my health journey all helped immensely. I had my coping mechanisms well in place. I already had a plan for coping with the third trimester, labour and the first weeks.

Sleep, of course, was difficult as my neck and shoulders hate (with a capital h!) lying on my sides. Every time I changed position, which was often, I woke. But meditation around lunch time for 20 or 30 minutes really helped me to cope.

Nu was really excited and shared the journey with me day to day, so that was really special!

Here’s what I did to be well:

  • Energy Revitalisation Formula – a general multivitamin to support nutrition for those with Fibromyalgia, any pregnancy multi is a good idea
  • Making better food choices – once I wasn’t so sick
  • Exercise as I could – this meant walking 20 minutes several times a week, being generally active (using 8000+ steps a day) and some gentle resistance work (superman, pelvic tilts and lots of pelvic floors)
  • Stretch – often!
  • Heat pack – not only does it ease pain, but I had to sit or lie down with it for it to stay on my neck or back.
  • Sleep and rest – bed at a good time, meditation about lunchtime
  • Journaling – taking time to write “mama notes” documenting the toddler and the pregnancy
  • Physio – every 2 weeks

As the trimester progressed and sleep deteriorated (due to worsening back pain) it did become more of a slog. But a heavy dose of acceptance helped – pregnancy is a trying time for any body, it is finite and I do all I can to help myself.

It also helped to be able to say things like, “these are my last first kicks,” “this is the last time I will have to cope with pregnancy-caused backache” and “this is my last second trimester”!

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