Fibro Mama Interview: Using Essential Oils to Manage Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia

This is another interview with a fellow fibro mama, this time we are learning about how one mama uses essential oils to manage chronic pain, fibromyalgia. Since this interview was conducted Kara welcomed her gorgeous baby.

Fibro mama interview managing chronic pain with essential oils

Could you introduce yourself in a few sentences for us?

My name is Kara Carril, I’m 28, and soon-to-be first time mom! I live in Arizona with my husband and our two dogs, Diesel and Rain!

How did you get into essential oils for fibromyalgia?

My mom is a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils here in the US. After she had breast cancer 10 years ago, she got into living a more chemical-free lifestyle. She did a lot of research on essential oils and the potential help they could give to autoimmune diseases. She has fibromyalgia as well as ankylosing spondylitis amongst other health issues. The oils helped her pain management dramatically, so she eventually introduced them to me, and I was hooked!

What are your favourite ones and what do they help with?

The ones I use most often are lavender, frankincense, copaiba, PanAway (a blend), Valor (a blend), cedarwood, and eucalyptus/peppermint. I use lavender and cedarwood mixed with distilled water for a pillow spray before bed. It helps calm and relax to be able to go into a deeper sleep. I use lavender/cedarwood in mascara to help strengthen lashes (I know it’s not fibro related but a cool trick!-just a drop of each).

I use lavender/frankincense in homemade face soap with coconut oil and baking soda. PanAway I use on my back spasms. Valor and copaiba I also use on my back spasms. Valor is often referred to as a “chiropractor in a bottle” and copaiba is compared to “morphine in a bottle” and often enhances whatever other oils you use in conjunction with it. I use eucalyptus/peppermint on my sinuses and throat when I feel I’m getting sick, and I also use either with lavender and epsom salts in baths when I’m having a bad flare up.

I will stop using peppermint when I’m breastfeeding though because it is said to drastically reduce your milk supply (good for when you’re trying to stop producing though!).

“The ones I use most often are lavender, frankincense, copaiba, PanAway (a blend), Valor (a blend), cedarwood, and eucalyptus/peppermint.”

Do you have any blends you make yourself?

Lavender/Cedarwood for sleep/relaxation- 5-10 drops of each in a 3oz spray bottle filled with distilled water. Make the strength based on your scent preferences. I also spray it on the bottoms of my feet before bed or will use straight lavender drops when my feet are really sore. I also use this combo in my diffuser at night next to my bed.

I make a ton of diffuser blends based on what my needs are. Lemon/peppermint combo is really good for getting rid of stinky smells, lavender/cedarwood is great for relaxing/sleep. Orange and lemon or any citrus combination is great for morning and energy! Ginger, peppermint, and lemon is good for tummy aches too!

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Copaiba Essential Oil for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

Copaiba essential oil is relatively new in the chronic pain relief discussion however has been widely used in traditional health practices since the 16th century.

What is copaiba essential oil?

The essential oil is distilled from a resin that comes from tapping the Copaiba tree.

Copaiba Essentail Oil

What it does

It works in the endocannibinoid system- much like low dose naltrexone, cannabis and CBD oil. Copaiba is thought to directly effect receptors that deal in the nervous system with effects in inflammation, endocrine system, pain, cardiovascular system and more. The nervous system is a part we would like to positively influence in fibromyalgia.

I have found success with low dose naltrexone and write about that here. So when I found out that CBD oil can work synergistically with LDN, I put it on my mental wishlist.

Unfortunately CBD oil is classified the same as cannabis under the law in New Zealand. Meaning it will be a long time before I can try it. People with certain conditions can receive a prescription for it but if they do get one, the CBD oil is very expensive.

Copaiba is legal! And cheaper.

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How to use copaiba essential oil

Topically is the most often recommended way to utilise essential oils. You can also diffuse or inhale. Some companies say you can ingest their oils if they are food grade. Do check with a qualified professional about this as some oils can be dangerous if ingested.

Also remember that essential oils are like super charged herbal teas – they are way more concentrated so a little goes a long way. Please check with a medical professional before using essential oils to ensure safety of their use and any potential drug interactions.

My experience with copaiba

It was suggested that I try either one drop sublingually (under the tongue) or a drop with some coconut oil topically where the pain occurs.

I found it difficult to administer the sublingual drop but found you can take a drop in water or juice.

On the first night, after being unable to get a drop under my tongue I wiped the dropper saw some oil in my finger and wiped that under my tongue. I did seem to be able to fall asleep faster than I had been.

The next day I tried a drop in coconut oil and placed it directly on my neck and shoulders – my trigger points had been playing up since a car accident a few weeks prior and those muscles became more tight and sore again. It really seemed to help. The effect was probably amplified as I lay down to do a 30 minute meditation too.

It became my go to for increased muscle pain and tightness in my shoulders and neck. It was especially useful as my trigger points were flared up due to a car accident and being unable to take a muscle relaxant while breastfeeding.

I am super excited for this addition to my pain plan!

Where to get your own to try?

Eden’s Garden is voted the number one non MLM essential oil company and has copaiba – not all companies do. You can get that here. (Affiliate link, I will receive a small commission if you purchase using this link at no extra cost to you).

While you are at it you might like to add Frankincense and lavender. These are the components of my wee blend, along with fractionated coconut oil, in my roller bottle. You can add peppermint if you are not nursing. Please Google search for dilution ratios if making your own blends.

Let me know what you think of essential oils for pain relief? Have you used copaiba?

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Essential Oils for Pain Relief and a Pain Cream I am Loving

It was a good day for my new pain cream from Elizabeth at Bunguin Babies to arrive. I’d been experiencing very sore wrists and hands to the point that I could hardly function. The vacuuming had been torturous.
As I have recently said, I’m just beginning in my journey with essential oils and this cream – infused with essential oils – was a very good primer.
It has shown me that a simple, homemade cream can be a soothing, first-level pain relief option.
Essential Oils for Pain Relief

Please note that some of my links may be affiliates links, I may make a small amount at no extra cost to you.

Essential Oils for Pain

This quote from Healthline shows the benefit of lavender: “Researchers in a 2015 study found that lavender essential oil can be an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory.”
The article also lists further research around the benefits of essential oils and some things to note. One thing I’d mention, is that this article suggests we’re looking to alternative pain relief because medicine doesn’t work – I’d try alternative before medicines any day!
I’d been playing with lavender and chamomile- a delicious bath oil that I found soothed neck pain when applied. My theory of the essential oils is that they help reduce that top layer of pain first- the layer caused by the stress and fatigue of having the initial pain. This is also a theory I have about meditation.
The essential oils simultaneously massage the senses, particularly smell and soak into the skin to do their work.
Having a list of pain relief options is always a good idea. I utilise my heat pack constantly so that doesn’t need to be on my list. I also stretch often. But when the pain gets to distracting levels, I’ll start with essential oils.
Elizabeth, who sells home made pain cream through Bunguin Babies here and also blogs at Porcelain Fibromommy doesn’t recommend ingesting essential oils and I’d agree.

The Pain Cream

I have used this pain cream on my arms, hands, low back and neck. It feels soothing as you rub it in. And you don’t necessarily need to be able to rub it firmly if you’re too sore for it to work. This has become my first line of defense before I escalate to Deep Heat (a non medicated heat rub) or medicines.
It’s a very good start before you delve into essential oils yourself or if you just want a ready made option.
So head over to Bunguin Babies and get some for yourselves.

Essential Oils to Try

Being in New Zealand, not all of the brands that are available internationally, are available here, but I have found this brand – Edens Garden – and want to try them. They use pure, therapeutic grade oils (and were inspired by the beauty of my home country!)

Find my free printable report Essential Oils for Natural Health and my other reports here on the Resources page .

Peppermint – for headaches, nausea and general tummy upsets.

Lavender – for general calming, sleeping, and pain relief. Research has shown this to have analgesic and anti inflammatory properties – just what we need.

Lemon – helps with mood, house cleaning and nausea.

For a special mix set to get started they have lavender, peppermint and lemon together.

I just combine mine with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) and apply to the area I need it, or put some in my bath or diffuser. There are so many ways to utilise these natural goodies.
Do you use essential oils? Can you please share your favourites?

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