New Doctor, Some Progress?

After a prolonged and disappointing diagnosis process that took several years, several years ago, I have seen a new doctor who understands fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

He was respectful, understanding and impressed with all my research!

It feels unbelievably nice to have been listened to and heard. I’m getting a full work up of tests and referred to a rheumatologist. He is also going to do something called mapping.

The doctor spoke about adrenal depletion, especially for a busy, type A personality (um, guilty).

I need to really look into meditation and get myself into a more restful place as opposed to the “fight or flight” mode.

He also validated how I felt about my iron tests. My frustration at being told my level was “normal” when it was one point up from the minimum. He said he prefers 80 plus for women. So I have a lot of work to build that up again.

He also referred me to for more information on the understanding of fibromyalgia he follows. Has anyone tried their approach with the guaifenesin and avoiding salicylates? It seems like a lot of work!

Let’s hope I end up with some help.