Teething Baby

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Last Updated on September 14, 2014 by melissanreynolds

I’ve taken an unexpected break from posting, my baby has required all of my energy and then some for a few weeks. He’s been teething and had a virus, which led to him being on lactose free formula for a while to rebalance his tum.

He’s needed a lot of mama cuddles and decided that independent time is currently not an option.

So I’m going with it.

He’s getting a vaccination tomorrow to protect him from potential exposure to illnesses that are more prevalent where his father’s family come from. Apparently he’ll be quite sore for a while. Next week he will be having his five month vaccinations.

So I fully expect my attention and energy to be on him. This is what motherhood is, especially as a mama with fibro/CFS, you give your limited energy pennies to your precious little buddy.

My neck has been a bit sad and I’ve been almost overwhelmingly tired from two weeks of either not enough sleep or just enough sleep. It’s hard to catch up when you never have more than your functioning quota. Mine’s 8-9 hours, this makes life nicer for me.

This is a useful piece of advice. Find your ideal sleeping quota and strive for it. Now that my boy is pretty set in his 7ish to 6am night routine (waking once or twice) he won’t increase this, even when he’s up a long time in the night. This means that some nights now, I get less sleep than I did when he woke four-hourly!

If you can get away with it, if necessary, take all the time you need to get your quota. Even if you spend 12 hours trying to get 8 broken hours, it’s worth it!

2 thoughts on “Teething Baby

  1. Catnip and fennel liquid supplement help with teething and colic. Even I use it lol

    1. Thanks for these recommendations!! I’ll ask at the pharmacy. 🙂

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