The 10 Minute Yoga for Fibromyalgia Challenge

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Last Updated on December 23, 2021 by melissanreynolds

I am so happy to be able to offer you the free 10 Minute Yoga for Fibromyalgia Challenge.

This is the continuation/next level of the five minutes a day pose challenge.

the 10 minutes a day yoga for fibromyalgia challenge

Four classes to show you, in just 10 minutes a day, how yoga can help you in your journey.
Improve our rest, sleep, energy, pain and more.

No, not with any miracle offers or panaceas. With good old, self-care tools that we can practice ourselves each day.

What are the four tools?

Yoga nidra– a guided meditation that helps us to access deep levels of rest that we may not manage during our sleep. Learn more about yoga nidra here.

Restorative yoga– a restful type of yoga designed for those who are injured or unwell that helps us to access the rest and digest mode. Learn more about restorative yoga here.

Breathing practice– many people do not breathe well and this has physical effects (tension in the upper body) and does not help brain fog. By giving ourselves 10 minutes to focus on our breath we can improve it. Learn more about breathing and fibromyalgia here.

Mindful movement – the “physical” practice of yoga can be useful for us if we move in congruence with our current mobility levels. Learn more about using mindful movement for fibromyalgia here.

With continued practice these tools can make a difference.


I have experienced it. My students have experienced it. Research backs this up.
But you have to try it for it to make any difference.

“You have made it possible for people with multiple issues to be able to get benefits of yoga without the stress and pain.” – Mimi Diz

This challenge is a practical, easy way to try the four tools and see which you prefer and may want to continue practicing.

Because I can create all the classes on YouTube, in my courses and the Yoga for the Chronic Life virtual yoga studio but unless you practice them, you can’t experience the difference.

Am I promising miraculous results?

No! These yoga tools are one part of my whole of life management plan. But they do make a massive difference to my quality of life. I have these tools when needed, forever.

For example, I get exhausted by lunch time and knowing I can do a 30 minute yoga nidra meditation and achieve some deep rest is profoundly comforting. Not to mention the other benefits of it – accessing deep rest, reducing fatigue and pain, calming my central nervous system (over continued practice).

I also get really tight in my back and neck. Multiple times a day you will see me doing neck stretches and cat and cow pose. I use them for pain relief.

If you commit to your 10 minutes in this Yoga for Fibromyalgia Challenge then I do believe at least one of the tools will resonate with you.

yoga for fibromyalgia free challenge

What happens when you sign up?

You will get the four classes straight to your inbox every two days for eight days. They are 10 minutes each. I suggest you choose a time of day to commit to doing them and try to do each one twice so you can get a feel for them.

The beauty is that you can do these even on flare days. The breathing and yoga nidra can be done in your bed or chair. The restorative class is a very gentle, accessible class that is also nice for a flare.

“I had already decided that my day was canceled. Going out was not gonna be possible but I did the series and about 10 mins after I noticed I felt more alert and less pain. Before I knew it I was dressed in the car and driving to my sister’s house. I ended up spending the evening there and then going to the grocery store after that. I would have never imagined being able to do a program and have such immediate results.” @fibroflash

Why did I create the Yoga for Fibromyalgia Challenge?

For seven years I have been sharing my journey and creating resources that will help you in your journey vs fibromyalgia. These are practical tools that are research-backed and have helped me and my students.

I want you to end up with a toolkit of things that can help you. Things you can do yourself, without waiting for some other person to decide to help you.

You will never see me offer you a promise of anything miraculous. We don’t use the C word. I do offer you tools that can become one part of your whole of life management plan, because that is how we tackle this complex illness. With whole of life management and working at the root cause.

So sign up, give them a go and tell us which of the four tools help you the most.

yoga tools to help you manage fibromyalgia
free 10 minutes a day yoga for fibromyalgia challenge

2 thoughts on “The 10 Minute Yoga for Fibromyalgia Challenge

  1. I really must get back into yoga, and these 10 minutes sessions are perfect! I find that my tight fibro muscles love a good stretch and gentle movement.

  2. Love how yoga helps you with every day life. And how you’re sharing these tools with others!

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