The EXACT Treatments I Use To Keep My Fibromyalgia/CFS Symptoms Mild

fibromyalgia treatments that are keeping my symptoms mild
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I’ve been sharing what I learn about fibromyalgia treatments, managing fibromyalgia/CFS and all of the symptoms for nearly 10 years. I’ve been on this journey toward better wellness for about the same time.

fibromyalgia treatments that are keeping my symptoms mild

So I thought I would share the key treatments that are helping me function at a 60 on the CFS/FMS rating scale. Imaging ratings as percentages, with 100% being fully functioning with no illness.

My symptoms are mostly on the mild end of the scale at the moment. That equates to 1-3/10. Except for during my period, which is a whole other story.

I have four small children, a part-time job I love and this blog to manage. While I am as efficient as possible and reevaluate regularly, there is nothing there I can give up!

Please remember that I also have flare ups, and I am not saying I am cured, healed or anything like that. But I am MUCH improved to what I was at the beginning of this journey, or even last year.

This is a quick run down with links to further resources so that you can enact them one at a time.

Remember that what works for one will not necessarily work for another, but if I can save you any time in your journey, I will do it.

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Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

This is the treatment that changed my life. I have shared about it widely. My most recent post is a round up of the information you need. This medicine is the type of medicine that needs to be mentioned to patients first because it has a low side effect profile and a higher percentage of it working than the others.

Recovery Factors

This supplement was a surprise but for me, is a game changer. It is a porcine protein serum. They found that when giving it to hospitalised patients experiencing malnutrition, it also increased energy levels. This supplement helped me get my iron levels to a decent level and has improved my sleep, pain and energy levels. Many of us struggle with iron levels, but some have the opposite problem, so do check with your doctor before trying it as too much iron is not a good thing.

Quetiapine (new!)

This is one of those medicines that is usually prescribed at a higher dose for other purposes, in this case anxiety. At 25mg however, it helps me to sleep. It has helped my REM and deep sleep percentages creep over the bottom of the normal ranges. This is huge. Quality sleep is a big problem for people with fibromyalgia and CFS. I haven’t got any resources for you on this yet, but it is included in the table of sleep support medicines in The FibroManual by Doctor Liptan, as included in my top five fibromyalgia books.

For the full rundown of my treatment pillars, see my brand new book Fibromyalgia Won’t Win.


This is a big area but it helps me a lot. Using my abilities well, helps create more. Knowing how many hours I should do in total, how to break up the day and how to use my rest breaks well is key. I have loads of resources, but here is a full training for you.

Yoga Nidra

This is a 100% natural, multi-outcome tool that I use daily. It requires no mobility, can be done in a flare and helps many areas of the fibromyalgia journey. It calms the central nervous system, helps get some of those deeper brain wave sleep patterns, reduces pain, fatigue and tension and much more. It is a special guided meditation. I love it so much that I have done two specific trainings in it. Learn more here.

fibromyalgia treatments keeping my symptoms mild

Gentle movement

Bodies are made to move. It impacts all of our systems, our muscles, joints and all of the connective tissue. Exercise on our terms is important. I love to walk and do yoga. Whatever you choose, you will want to start carefully. I wrote a whole post on how to do that.

Reducing stress

It is stressful to live with constant pain and fatigue and struggle sleeping. Not to mention all of the other symptoms and comorbid issues that arise with fibromyalgia. Then add the normal life stressors. It’s a recipe for high stress. Reducing stress and implementing ways to manage stress are important. Our central nervous system (and the fibromyalgia) can sniff out stress and amplify it fast. Thankfully I have written about lots of techniques for managing stress. Gratitude, meditation, gentle yoga, breathing, journaling and much more.

Pain management plans

One thing I recommend to everyone is to create symptom management plans. Pain, fatigue, and flare plans. Write it all down. Make it second nature. Use all of the tools at your disposal and use them preemptively as well as reactively. I still make pain management plans for new symptoms to this day. When we realised the severe headaches I experienced was actually migraine, I wrote down a management plan. When we realised that several issues that had previously been relegated to the fibro basket was actually Interstitial Cystitis, I made a plan.

the brief summary of treatments I use to keep fibromyalgia and CFS mild

Pain management plans

Easy activities for children when you’re in a flare (child management flare plan)

Summary: Fibromyalgia and CFS Treatments that are keeping me mild

So these are the crucial elements of my management plans. This is how I keep my symptom levels at a mild level most of the time. Of course, I still have flares. My period is wildly out of control after my fourth baby . But this protocol is keeping me as well as possible with the tools I have available right now.

If you want more detail, then check out my latest book Fibromyalgia Won’t Win. You can get it as ebook, paperback or hardcover. It is the compilation of my whole of life pillars, in more detail.

What are your top fibromyalgia treatments?

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