The Most Vital System You Need to Manage All The Things as a Super Busy Mom

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Last Updated on June 14, 2022 by melissanreynolds

When one has four children (under eight years old), a business and chronic health issues (and all of the rest of the details of life) one needs systems. As a super busy mom, the most vital system you can make is a self-care plan. 

The Most Vital System You Need to Manage All The Things as a Super Busy Mom

Not a fluffy one with things like “get your nails done” — though that has its place, especially if it’s important to you. But in this post I am talking about genuine health and wellbeing practices that you need in your day to be as well as possible. 

There is actual research supporting the need for super busy moms to take care of themselves

This article highlights the benefits of regular self-care:

“When self-care is regularly practiced, the benefits are broad and have even been linked to positive health outcomes such as reduced stress, improved immune system, increased productivity, and higher self-esteem,” says Brighid Courtney, of Boston, a client leader at the wellness technology company Wellable and a faculty member at the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA).

If you are a mama with chronic health issues, like me, then it becomes even more important to incorporate those things that help you to function better. 

I will not weigh you down with more research, though it is there, we want to get practical quickly because you are busy.

My habits are so ingrained I don’t have a written list anymore. 

My super busy mom self-care includes

  • Yoga Nidra guided meditation every day
  • Yoga stretches as needed (to manage pain)
  • Some form of exercise most days
  • Sit with a good cup of coffee at morning tea time
  • A mindful bedtime routine

Your Self-Care Plan

I share in this blog post how to create your plan, in detail, and what you might like to include in it.

In short — write down those things that you know you need to do to function well and schedule it in. 

Action point — go make your self-care plan today (and do it). 

What else will help you to manage all the things? This chart – you need to make it right now.

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