The thing you NEED in your fibromyalgia treatment plan

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In this video I share the thing you NEED in your fibromyalgia treatment plan. The thing that simultaneously forms part of my fibromyalgia treatment plan, whole of life plan, and life enjoyment plan.

the thing you need in your fibromyalgia treatment plan

The thing you need in your fibromyalgia treatment plan video

There are few things in life I am absolutely certain of, but the involvement of the central nervous system in fibromyalgia is one of them.

The stress stack

By the time we get knee deep into our day we have already added to our stress load and the sympathetic nervous system is working overtime. I explain this visually using the stress stack.

We get up, in pain and our nervous system is at alert level three. We must rush our children to school, get ourselves to work or be stuck at home because of high pain and fatigue levels – alert level four.

The news headlines, traffic jams, notices from school take us to alert level five.

Learn more about the central nervous system, fibromyalgia and restorative yoga here.

The antidote to this

The antidote is profound rest and relaxation. The kind that yoga can offer us. I am talking yoga nidra, restorative yoga, gentle breathing and mindful, breath-focused stretches. The kind I teach in my free series. Sign up and try them out today.

Learn more about breathing, the central nervous system and fibromyalgia here.

The fire and the sprinklers

I share the illustration of the fire – our body is inflamed and on fire. Then we have the little sprinklers, because don’t have a cure. The sprinklers include medication, lifestyle changes, pacing, stress reduction and the yoga tools.

Learn more about yoga nidra and how it helps us here.

What you need to do today for your fibromyalgia treatment plan

Figure out the best way to achieve profound rest and relaxation and schedule it in. I offer the four tools yoga offers – from gently active to completely relaxed – in my free series.

There are other ways to calm the central nervous system – so I encourage you to research and try them today.

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