This Week 22.02.2015

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Last Updated on February 22, 2015 by melissanreynolds

So much happens all the time, so I thought I’d provide a little roundup of the week.

I have been working on my experiments, following the windy threads that people throw out to ideas of things that could potentially help. This week I found this website which was founded by Dr. Bill Rawls and promotes his treatment plan. In addition to this, it provides some useful information and has suggested some new herbs/supplements to try in my next tiny mission. COQ10 has been reinforced from a few different sources, including in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: What You Need to Know About CFS/ME by Dr. Megan A. Arroll.

I’ve been reading, more like devouring books, I’m in a non fiction mood and have rea

Superpowers for parentsd the above book, and begun:

Superpowers for Parents: The Psychology of Great Parenting and Happy Children  by Dr. Stephen Briars

The Way of Serenity: Finding Peace and Happiness in the Serenity Prayer  by Father Jonathan Morris

I’ve been racing around after my boy as he grows increasingly mobile and unable to tolerate sitting nicely in one spot. That’s been tiring!

In addition to work my few hours that I am contracted for, I have had a job interview for a more stable position of 24 hours per week. I am fretting because I know that it will mean an increase in neck pain (my neck responds extremely negatively to sitting at the computer, well, I am yet to find what it responds positively to!). I am hoping that this amount of hours will be a nice fit for our situation.

We set up our Nintendo Wii and played Grand Slam Tennis for the first time. Here are the key stats: 30 minutes of playing, burning approximately three calories per three minutes, one very sore finger from a meeting of the hands when both my husband and I went for the swing (mine not his) and 30 minutes to entice myself to get up again after I lay down on the couch at the conclusion of this! The next day, I felt muscles that I haven’t used for a while, so it wasn’t all bad!

We have begun the Lenten season, which means a significant increase in the amount of events I must attend for my Catholic conversion programme. That’s an evening a week and a Sunday morning mass commitment (me and my baby ready for 9.30am mass? Hard!) for the period.

My fatigue flared up for two bad days and clung up near 7/10 for most of the week, making the evenings with the baby almost impossible. But we have made it, seven days done!

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