My Conclusion about the Gluten Free Diet for Fibromyalgia

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Last Updated on January 3, 2022 by melissanreynolds

“It may be what I am including, rather than what I am excluding that is making the difference.” This is my conclusion about the gluten free diet for fibromyalgia.

I suggested this in my first post about my gluten free experiment turned huge mission and it resonated with a few people.

I have finally completed my two month experiment being gluten-free. (And the first sentence is a spoiler!)

my conclusion about diet for fibromyalgia

It’s been an exciting journey. Lots of good things have come from it.

I have been battling candida for several months, culminating in prescription antifungals (three weeks into the experiment) and a recommendation for taking probiotics permanently. Just before this, a rather bad flare up manifested itself, lasting for two weeks.

After 60 days gluten-free, the only difference I noticed was a slight reduction in the brain fog, the filmy cloud that hangs over my brain.

At day 40, I was experiencing less bloating, I am not sure whether it was the food, the antifungals or both.

I lost 2 kilograms and put 700 grams back on in the first three weeks. I ended up 1.5 kilograms lighter than when I began – this is my pre baby weight! Yay!

At day 50, after four days of an upset, bloated tummy with immense hunger, I decided to listen to my body when it demanded gluten. I had a little wheat flour over two items, two days apart.

The Gluten Free Diet for Fibromyalgia Summary

After day 60 I gently began reintroducing most glutenous grains. I am still too scared to try oats again after an intense reaction at week two.

I have had no negative reaction to gluten so far.

I am going to focus now on what I am eating. I will nourish myself in the best way possible and I believe that includes a diet high in vegetables,  fruit,  whole grains, meat and dairy alternatives (for the most part).

It was a good experiment, unfortunately gluten wasn’t my magic bullet, but it did help me to examine my eating habits and encourage me to be wary of too much of anything.

But I do think it is worth a try – there are too many people who do well on a gluten free diet for it to be dismissed outright.

My conclusion about diet and fibromyalgia is to prioritise healthy, whole foods.

Have you tried any diets for fibromyalgia? Have they helped?

gluten free diet for fibromyalgia

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  1. For me, it was the elimination of dairy and meat that helped remedy my brain fog, after more than two years of intense fog.

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