Tiny Mission Sleep, Chamomile

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Last Updated on September 3, 2015 by melissanreynolds

After declaring war on my sleeplessness, I have formulated a new series of Tiny Missions to attempt to get some sleep. To get 8-9 unbroken hours per night with as few restless/awake periods as possible.cup of tea

This would be the first time in well over a decade.

My first step was to take chamomile tea about an hour before bed. (This is in addition to my amitriptyline , I can’t give this up until I can achieve blocks of sleep regularly).

The first night I enjoyed my cup of tea, it was a nice ritual. After an hour or so of restless sleep and going to the bathroom a couple of times, I managed to sleep rather deeply. My Fitbit sleep tracker showed less light blue and pink lines (representing restless and awake times) and a couple of stretches of two hours sleep in a row!

On the second night my tea replaced dessert, which will have benefits in other areas of my health! It was an even better night. My body was so heavy and relaxed that I’m sure I was awake more than the Fitbit thinks, but the chart looked promising. Apart from having to let the dog out for a bathroom call at midnight (thanks Coop) my night was pretty calm. There was a three hour lot of sleep in a row! My baby woke at 6am again, but played for half an hour and went back to sleep, and being so heavy and relaxed, I was able to grab a little but more sleep.

Having enough sleep was enough to make me feel a little bit more nice in the morning, but the fatigue still caught me!

On the third night the baby woke up coughing at 4am so I got up to give him some medicine. Once I’d broken through the sleepiness to be awake, I really struggled to get back to sleep. I was still awake at 6 when my husband got home from work.

My conclusion around chamomile tea is that it assists with relaxation (which lowers the restless times) and initially getting to sleep, but for someone who gets woken regularly by baby, dog, husband or bathroom stops, it’s not ideal.

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