Top 10 Things in My Self-Help for Fibromyalgia Pain Toolkit That You Need Now

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Last Updated on January 7, 2023 by melissanreynolds

I am a big fan of things I can do myself to manage my symptoms. Huge. Self management and having a practical toolkit is important. This is the only way I have learnt to manage these symptoms as well as possible over the past 15 plus years.

Today I am opening up my self-help for fibromyalgia pain toolkit for you.

I believe that we have the power to improve our quality of life with simple, sustainable steps. These 10 things are vital parts of my whole of life management plan that enable me to do all the things and minimise my symptoms as best as I can.

self help for fibromyalgia pain

These are not small things, so I summarise and give you links to further information and resources. Choose one area at a time to work on and you may be surprised at the difference it makes.

So here are the top 10 things in my self-help fibromyalgia pain toolkit that you need.

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1. Yoga

You knew this was number one right? The rest are in no particular order but this is number one because once you have these tools you can use them anywhere, anytime with only your body. From gentle stretches, to calming breathing practices, restful practices and Yoga Nidra guided meditation. There are tools for all mobility levels and needs. You can do it on your bed!

Learn more: Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue Getting Started

Get practical: Join the free yoga for chronic pain and fatigue series

Prefer to watch?

2. Trigger point work

Using tools such as the Theracane Trigger Point Massager and Peanut Ball are great ways to treat those trigger points yourself at home. For double benefits, combine massage, trigger point work and topical lotions.

Learn more: This post talks about Practical Ways to Manage Trigger Points

3. Heating pad

I have been using a heat pack since before I knew anything else about managing pain. I don’t remember how I heard of it. But I absolutely lived with my heat pack before and after work before I started my journey to getting a better toolkit. These days I prefer an electric heating pad for in bed, and a microwavable one for outside.

Get more inexpensive items that help me manage

4. Essential oils

I love using essential oils. I keep a little roller bottle in my bag as my first line of defense. It is a combination of peppermint, copaiba and frankincense essential oils with coconut oil.

Read more: Copaiba Essential oil

5. Topical lotions

Deep heat is my favourite topical pain cream. But you might like one of the other types. In many places you can get CBD-based lotions.

Read more: Natural treatment options for fibromyalgia

For everything I do to manage as well as possible, with much more information about the key things that help, grab my new book Fibromyalgia Won’t Win.

6. Magnesium

Magnesium is recommended for everything from sleep, to migraine, to pain management. It is inexpensive, has a low side effect profile (too much can have a laxative effect, but this subsides when you stop). You can get capsules/tablets or magnesium oil to apply.

Learn about other things to take for fibromyalgia here.

My top 10 self help for fibromyalgia pain

7. Recovery Factors

I have spoken extensively about Recovery Factors. It is a specially formulated amino acid supplement that has been found to increase energy, decrease pain and more. I have taken it for a few years now and find it very helpful.

Read all about it here.

8. Low dose Naltrexone

Low dose Naltrexone has literally changed my life. This (often misunderstood) medicine is taken at low doses to help with many conditions, including fibromyalgia, MS and much more. This medicine has given me such improvement, has almost no side effects and is estimated by practicing physicians who prescribe it to help around 60% or more of patients with fibromyalgia.

Learn all about it here.

9. Rest and sleep

Rest and sleep are sort of in our control. They are so important for us. Yet sleep is so difficult for us to get. Yoga Nidra guided meditation is the most profound form of rest I have ever found. The brain waves during Yoga Nidra mimic that of sleep going into the deeper stages of sleep, which can be very difficult for us to access usually. Even after 10 years working on this, trying different medicines and supplements, with impeccable sleep hygiene, I rarely get more than the bottom of the range of “normal” for deep sleep. Deep sleep is where the good stuff happens. Prioritise it, experiment and work with your doctor.

Read more: Sleep

Learn: Yoga Nidra

Check out: Pacing

top 10 self help for fibromyalgia pain

10. Self efficacy

Self-efficacy is simply knowing that we can help ourselves. Little choices we make can make a difference. If you try anything from this list, I believe you will make a difference for yourself.

We talk about using yoga practically around here, especially in The Foundations of Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue program.

Because I want you to have tools that can help you manage your symptoms, every day. Without waiting for help. Forever.

So these were my self-help fibromyalgia pain toolkit items – what are yours?

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