Week 14

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Last Updated on November 18, 2013 by melissanreynolds

My neck has been uncomfortable for my whole pregnancy (yes, 14.5 weeks of 5-7/10 pain every day). So on Friday I went for a massage, unfortunately they thought that due to my pregnancy they shouldn’t use the usual pressure. Needless to say, I went away with almost as tight shoulders and neck as I went with. With chronic pain and fatigue, caused by chronic tightness in these muscles that I use frequently (especially for work), the only method to release the muscle (and therefore gain some respite) is deep tissue stimulation.

Due to my increasing pain over the weekend, last night I slept very poorly. I do have an appointment with my physio on Wednesday and I am counting down to it. Also, I am counting down to the end of the pregnancy, when I can have something stronger than paracetamol again!

I confess, I had been hoping to keep the maternity clothes at bay with belly bands (that cover my open pants button and keep my pants up). Most of the time, I am more bloated than pregnant, so I prefer to have nothing around my waist. It feels rather early to contemplate maternity clothes though…I am so pleased that I mostly work from home, so I can sit here with my pants wide open or live in tunic tops.

In unbearably cute news, I bought my first item that wasn’t a big-ticket, budgeted one…a tiny hat! It is mint green with a knot at the top, I can’t believe my baby is going to fit into that little thing.

We met the midwife this morning and heard the heartbeat. Due to belated shifts in timings for the scan (by the radiology company), my partner hadn’t made the scan appointment, therefore he hadn’t heard baby’s heart beat yet. That tiny, rhythmic beating, engenders such hope, such happiness, such contentment. I was so glad to share that with him. We are now on the countdown to the anatomy scan in four or five weeks!

This is a pregnancy diary from my first pregnancy in 2013/14. For my most recent pregnancy diaries and my pregnancy resources see here.

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