Week 34 Update

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Last Updated on March 31, 2014 by melissanreynolds

I seem to be existing in an odd space where time is simultaneously going fast and slow! The night goes so slowly, waking to turn over every hour or so and go to the bathroom. The day seems to go slowly when I am trying to work and find it too painful…but it all seems to speed past at a shocking rate.

We have added more to baby’s room. I now have a (second-hand) nursing chair, change table and cot in there. We have the wardrobe scheduled to be updated next week so that we can utilise this space in his small room. We also managed to find a great baby monitor second-hand online.

This weekend is my baby shower! I am looking forward to that! We are doing an animal theme with only a few ice breaker games, nothing too cheesy (as that is NOT my style!). I am looking forward to having a party where I can chat with the guests I have invited.


Monday is also my last day of trying to struggle through work. Already! And finally! There is still so much to do, my to-do list is rather long. I’ll be free to buy my baby clothes (everyone says to wait and see what you are given) and continue getting the bits and pieces we need. But I do hope to rest some more.

I can’t believe our little boy will be joining us sometime in the next six or so weeks! I am torn between wanting him out so my back can find some relief and I can lie down more comfortably (and have space for my bladder back) and wanting to keep him safe and secure in there!

This is a pregnancy diary from my first pregnancy in 2013/14. For my most recent pregnancy diaries and my pregnancy resources see here.

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