Week 35

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Last Updated on April 4, 2014 by melissanreynolds

Well, I made it! I am at week 35 and have dramatically reduced my work hours. I now have to find the balance between resting and finishing the things I want to get done.

Between the Braxton Hicks contractions, pain in my back, neck and glutes and constant need to pee, I am not sleeping very well. So I am not very energetic in the day time. Though, yesterday morning and this morning, I managed to take the dog for a 20 minute walk first thing. This was useful in getting my stiff muscles working.

The most prominent symptom for me at the moment is the whiplash between being starving hungry or far too achingly full!


What I really want to do is wash and arrange my baby stuff. But most of it is sitting at my mother-in-law’s house, since my awesome baby shower on the weekend, while we finish the wardrobes. A contractor is currently widening the wardrobe doors and then my husband and I will choose the shelving/drawer system that we want in baby’s room. Once this is finished, I will be able to wash and tidy and organise to my heart’s content!

In the meantime I have been cooking up a frenzy! Today I am doing a corned beef, roast vegetables and brocolli with a mustard sauce. The other day it was savoury muffins. On Saturday I have a full menu planned for having my parents’-in-law over. Cooking/baking is the best thing for me to do, as I break the tasks down over the day and it doesn’t bother my neck too much.

Tonight is our third antenatal class and they will present the medical interventions available for labour. So we will get to make the call about the drugs we do or don’t plan to use. For us, it dictates whether we go to a hospital or a birthing centre. So we get to finish our birth plan after that.

This is a pregnancy diary from my first pregnancy in 2013/14. For my most recent pregnancy diaries and my pregnancy resources see here.

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