Mindfulness and Meditation for the Chronic Life Workshop

Welcome! I am so glad you are here to check out how mindfulness and meditation might help you on your journey.

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What do I do next?

You have learnt the basics of how mindfulness and meditation may help, looked at some research, now would you like to learn some practical tools you can enact immediately?

Would you like to grab your place in the full nine week course Mindfulness for the Chronic Life?

In this special programme we will learn about the overactive nervous system and how to calm it.

Stress and our reaction to it are key to managing the central nervous system. We can’t always eliminate stressors, but we CAN control our reaction – this course takes you through the many ways you can so you discover what resonates with you best.

In this practical course we learn about how to really use these techniques in our daily life.

We go through breathing, journaling and other practices to induce calm, present moment awareness, mindfulness in daily life, body scan meditation, mindfulness in your parenting journey, visualizations and affirmations and make your personal plan for reducing your “chronics”.

This programme is made by a fellow chronic fighter, it is designed:

  • to be accessed as and when you can (you don’t have to complete each lesson in a week)
  • how it works for you (tablet, phone, computer)
  • so that you can get comfortable for the lessons and practices (grab a cuppa, your heat pack and sit or lie how you need)
  • to give you tools you can enact any time, any place to help you manage chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and overwhelm (you may not want to lie down and meditate on the bus, but you could!)

How we specifically learn and use mindfulness and meditation in the chronic life?

  • We go into the (research-backed) benefits of mindfulness and meditation, specifically for these symptoms
  • Breathing 101 – how and why breathing well can help us relax – including your 12 second calming practice you can really do any time, any where (even on the bus)
  • Your Five Minute Breathing Practice downloadable audio
  • Journaling and other calming practices – including your journal template
  • Present moment awareness and a special downloadable practice for when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed
  • Body scan meditation and how to use it for pain relief and relaxation (includes downloadable audio)
  • Mindfulness in daily life – how to use these tools in your life (outside of your chronics) including a five day challenge and a gratitude practice template
  • Some other options that you may like to incorporate into your practice such as visualisations, affirmations, hypnosis and Yoga Nidra.
  • BONUS Mindfulness for your parenting life – we look into the research behind better outcome for children of mindful parenting and how to be a mindful parent with your pregnant mama meditation audio download and mindfulness for kids resource list.
  • Make your personal mindfulness practice to take into your life

“Melissa is kind, passionate, and understanding, filled with knowledge from her own research and experience. She gave me some excellent tips, as well as some breathing exercises to help me soothe my anxiety. I recommend Melissa; she is a fantastic coach, one that can (and will) help anyone on their journey to wellness.” – An Anxiety Fighter

mindfulness for the chronic life cover

The 72-page, beautifully designed workbook contains all of the lesson notes, templates and resource pages with all of the references all together. It retails separately for $89. When you purchase it with the course you get over 25% off!

How much have you previously spent trying to sleep better, reduce your pain, improve energy, decrease anxiety and overwhelm and experience some rest and relaxation? How much have you spent visiting practitioners who do work for you (massage, osteopathy, float sessions etc) that make you feel nice (they may make you flare) but ultimately the effects wear off? This course is the chance to learn skills that will help relax you in the moment and continue to give – you will enact them any where, any time you need and with continued practice these techniques only increase their return!

If you are into research – like me – you might like this, in a mindfulness programme for teenagers they found a $4.50 return for every $1 spent. Meaning they received a value 4.5 times higher than they spent – they find social return on investment by finding financial proxies (things like costs avoided) and then working out a complex formula to come to the return.

My Personal Benefits from Mindfulness and Meditation

For me the value of mindfulness and meditation is incalculable. I started meditating purely because I was miserable, exhausted and desperately needed some rest. My chronic pain and fatigue was flared up from pregnancy and delivery and having a tiny baby and said tiny baby didn’t sleep much. I began with a 20 minute guided meditation and experienced rest for my body and mind in a way I couldn’t remember ever achieving (I have had chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia since I was a teenager). I was hooked!

For the past five years I have meditated daily, researched, trained and basically become very passionate about using mindfulness and meditation for the chronics. As a side-benefit I found my anxiety levels have plummeted. I didn’t even realise anxiety was a problem for me until the volume turned right down.

So enroll now and secure 25% off the course and workbook!