You vs Fibromyalgia eCourse

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Arm Yourself with Knowledge

This course was created as a companion to my book Melissa vs Fibromyalgia: My Journey Fighting Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue and Insomnia.

I’m Melissa, I’m a mama who has been writing about fighting Fibromyalgia for the past several years on my blog. I’m on a mission to share my hard earned knowledge, through research and personal trial and error, so that you don’t have to work as hard as I did.Can this course help you? Here’s who will benefit:

  • Those who are newly diagnosed.
  • People who have been fighting for a while, but haven’t had the head space to figure out what to do.
  • Those who want to kick your fight up a notch, but don’t know where to start.
  • People who are supporting someone with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia and/or Fibromyalgia.
  • Basically anyone with Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and insomnia.

What will I learn in the You vs Fibromyalgia micro course?

If you want to dive right in deep – we are currently offering group and one on one coaching programmes to help you take control of your healing journey and improve your quality of life. See more information, including how to schedule your complimentary chat here.

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In You vs Fibromyalgia micro course we discuss:


  • What is it?
  • My six tips for fighting Fibromyalgia
  • Further reading

Quick and Dirty: What Works for Me

  • The nine key things that work for me
  • Further reading

Why Sleep is King and how to get Some

  • Why sleep is important
  • Sleep hygiene tips
  • Further reading

Pregnancy and Parenting with Fibromyalgia

  • My six tips for pregnancy with Fibromyalgia
  • Further information Pregnancy
  • Further information Nursing
  • Further information Parenting

What do I do Next?

  • Where is there more information?

Bonus Module: Introduction to Pain Management

  • My six tips
  • What I do

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How is it Delivered?

This course is free, simply sign up to my newsletter list and you will receive the URL and password.

Outcomes – you will:

  1. Learn my six tips for fighting Fibromyalgia
  2. Have knowledge about fighting Fibromyalgia and where to go for more information
  3. Learn the nine key things that work for me
  4. Find out why sleep is important
  5. Learn some sleep hygiene tips
  6. Find out where to go for more information about sleep
  7. Find out my six tips for pregnancy with Fibromyalgia
  8. Gain more information about pregnancy, nursing and parenting with Fibromyalgia
  9. Gain an introduction to pain management

Quick Note I am not a doctor or medical professional in any field. I am a person who has had to learn the hard way through nearly twenty years of fighting an illness that nobody believed existed. And I want to share what has helped me in case it helps you.However, you should always check with your doctor before trying anything. I always check for interactions when it comes to medicines and supplements before I bother taking the research to my doctor. Though most of the things I suggest are things you can implement yourself – because you have an incredible amount of power to effect your life with each choice you make every day.

Who am I?

I’m Melissa – author, mama, planner, doer and coach! In addition to this I have fought chronic pain for nearly two decades, chronic fatigue for over ten years and insomnia for somewhere in between.

For most of my twenties I was struggling to live “normally” while fighting severe pain and fatigue. I didn’t have the brain space to research treatments to try. I didn’t know that approximately 3-6% of the world’s population were also fighting Fibromyalgia. No one around me understood. After being told at 17 years old by a specialist that they didn’t really believe my symptoms because they changed, I didn’t have the confidence to pursue help. After daydreaming for a long time about this vague notion that slightly reduced work hours might give me the space to reduce the pain and fatigue, I moved to a warmer city with my parents, took on a job that was 27.5 hours and cut the two hour bus commute each day.I was right. That was the beginning of my journey to a better story.

In seven years I went from miserable and barely coping with life to thriving – using a combination of research and personal trial and error, I have managed to bring my pain and fatigue levels down and minimise the effects of the debilitating brain fog by using everything I have written about on my blog.

I am the author of Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia and Melissa vs Fibromyalgia: My Journey Fighting Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue and Insomnia. I have run my blog for five years. Find out more about me here.