Managing Fibromyalgia with Whole of Life Plans

whole of life plans for managing fibromyalgia
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Last Updated on May 3, 2022 by melissanreynolds

What does it mean to manage fibromyalgia with whole of life plans? What is whole of life stuff? It’s the big things that have a cascade effect into every part of your life and wellness plans.

Taking good care of the human body with things like gentle movement, good nutrition, sleep, stress management and more. Everything that people without illness must do, but it is a bit harder for us to do.

whole of life plans to manage fibromyalgia

We are in the middle of managing fibromyalgia the simple way series

Here’s the premise: while there is no cure for fibromyalgia, I do believe we have loads of management options at our disposal. In this series, I am sharing simplest ways to manage fibromyalgia. With loads of resources for you to explore further as needed.

Here’s the gist of it:

There is no definitive cause which means there is no cure.

Also, no one treatment helps everyone.

So what should we be focusing on?

  1. Learning what we can (this helps us to do the rest)
  2. Reducing or removing perpetuating factors
  3. Managing our whole of life stuff (gentle movement, good nutrition, sleep, stress management etc.)
  4. Targeting symptoms

This post is about the whole of life plans.

None of these are easy as separate categories and they are even harder when you factor in our symptoms. However, managing these as best as we can will help us manage fibromyalgia.

Let’s talk about the one set of tools that hits many of these targets

Our body is made to move. Gently, mindfully move. I have just the thing to help you with that in my free series. Hear me on this, we are not talking about tying yourself up like a pretzel or pushing past your comfort zones. It is about gentle movement. Actually – three of the four classes are not even about exercise. And all four are about relaxation and rest.

That is the secret of “yoga” it offers us profound rest. That is what I’m here for.

When we rest well and learn to manage stress, we sleep better. It’s a whole positive cycle.

I share a lot more information about managing normal human needs in this post below from the Fibromyalgia Framework Series.

What would I do first with this whole of life plans?

The thing that hits the most targets. In other words, try my free yoga series and see how many targets you hit.

More specifically Yoga Nidra guided meditation. Even if you don’t try mine, I would recommend you start with this. Do it regularly and as you feel able, add in some gentle stretching. See how that goes for you. Then come back and add another tiny change.

Tell us: What tiny changes have you made or are you planning on making?

whole of life plans for managing fibromyalgia

My whole of life plan and how I halved my pain and fatigue levels are documented in my brand new book! Fibromyalgia Won’t Win.

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