Why Efficient Rest Is The First Thing I Recommend

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Last Updated on June 14, 2022 by melissanreynolds

Why efficient rest is the first thing I recommend. Also what is “efficient” rest?

Whenever I talk with someone who is struggling with fatigue, pain, parenting, stress- anything, my first recommendation is efficient rest. Not just rest, but Yoga Nidra guided meditation.

The first purpose is rest. But there are many more benefits we stand to gain. Let’s break it down.

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We Are Rest Deficient

Almost every person in the world right now is rest deficient. We sleep less than ever before, we rarely rest and “busy” is like a badge of honor. As parents this is amplified. How many of us have been pulling double (or triple) duty for the past two years? Working with our children at home is hard. Worrying whether our kids will get sick when we send them to school or care so that we can work, is hard. Looking after our sick kids is hard. We are tired.

Stress Is Prevalent

If you are completely unaffected by the last two years of pandemic and world events, then good on you. The rest of us are stressed. Managing all the things is hard on our nervous systems.

Where Yoga Nidra Comes In

Yoga Nidra guided meditation is a form of meditation also known as “yogic sleep”. The teacher takes you on a guided journey into deep relaxation – your body experiences profound rest and your mind is awake and aware (but also relaxed). One “fact” I often come across is that a session of Yoga Nidra is like three hours of sleep. I have never been able to find any scientific proof of this, however it is restorative. As a person with chronic insomnia who does not manage the “normal” amount of deep sleep on any given night, the rest Nidra provides does feel more restful than sleep.

At the surface level you are resting. But you are also supporting your body to recover from stress. The benefits of Yoga Nidra are still being studied.

I go into more detail in this blog post, but the benefits can include: Support with insomnia, calming the central nervous system, improving the immune system, help with depression and anxiety, reducing pain and fatigue and relieving stress.

You can do Yoga Nidra:

  • First thing in the morning
  • As a rest break during the day
  • Right after work
  • Before bed
  • During the night (painsomnia, insomnia)
  • When travelling (on a plane or train – especially useful if you are feeling unwell)

How Is This Efficient?

I am not sure of any other rest that offers this many benefits in 15-60 minutes a day. You can attempt to nap, but for many people it’s difficult and they don’t feel great afterwards. You can sit down quietly and read – but this will not achieve the same benefits. I used to do this, thinking it was rest. And it was a break from doing. But it wasn’t true rest.

By Resting Well You Can Do The Rest Of It Well

Whatever your goals are, with efficient rest, you will be better equipped to do what you need. Take care of your children, do your job, complete that project, start other healthy habits. It all starts with rest. The amount I can achieve is so much greater when I have taken my rest, and with better quality of life too.

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YOUR TURN: Tell us, do you take regular rest breaks? How does it help? Will you try Yoga Nidra? Come and tell me on Instagram.

One thought on “Why Efficient Rest Is The First Thing I Recommend

  1. Thanks Melissa, I’ll have to try this. I dabble in meditation and do yoga daily, and naps are a regular too, especially on the weekends.

    But if I can feel like I slept for 3 hours in only 15-45 minutes, l’ll give it a shot!

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