Why I’m Treating the Fibromyalgia as Naturally as Possible – Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia

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Last Updated on July 28, 2019 by melissanreynolds

I’m over these poisons that are marketed as the only thing to help those of us with chronic pain or Fibromyalgia. I am also over the demonization of the use of pain relief to survive. Some medicines are definitely necessary, I’m not anti medicine, I’m pro natural remedies for fibromyalgia first. Whatever is used, I am pro managing pain as well as possible so that we can thrive not just survive.

Yoga and meditation have been my mainstays for a long time. I’ve paid $60 a fortnight for physiotherapy for a long time because I’d rather skimp and take that than utilise the heavily subsidised medicine I’d have to take instead.

natural remedies for fibromyalgia

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For the last few months I’ve been researching a lot of natural options including essential oils, herbs, supplements and other options. You will also notice that my book has more chapters about natural/non medicinal options as I am a big believe in things you can administer yourself whenever you need.

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Here’s a round up of the natural remedies for fibromyalgia I’ve been using

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Essential Oils for Fibromyalgia

Lavender – multi use for pain, relaxation, insomnia and more. I use it as is with coconut oil or in the bath.
Chamomile – calming and said to help with insomnia, I adore it.
Peppermint – this is handy with coconut oil for spasms.
Pain cream from Bunguin Babies– this has become my go-to for first-line pain. I use it at bedtime and throughout the day. This is not an affiliate link, I use it and love it and a fellow fibromyalgia mom blogger makes it herself.

Copaiba essential oil has been such a great find and I write more extensively about that here. I use it in a roller ball bottle with frankincense for my neck.

Herbs for Fibromyalgia

I learnt about thyme, borage, lemon balm and others but since finding out I was pregnant I couldn’t use these. They are still on my radar!

Supplements for Fibromyalgia

Magnesium oil – I apply this nightly to my calves for the nutritional deficiency of magnesium that is prevalent these days and in pregnancy to avoid calf cramps.

MSM – this is my favourite for wrist and hand joint pain. It’s said to be good for other things too. See my post here.

I have previously tried and liked Curamin which uses a blend of ingredients included curcumin – the active ingredient in turmeric. I wrote about it here.

CBD Oil – On my Wish List for the Future (as soon as it’s legalised here)

In New Zealand a committee is considering legalising CBD oil. They recently shot down the application to make medical marijuana available to those with chronic pain, which was disappointing. The research is positive. The anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. The side effects are negligible! See this post from Counting My Spoons about MMJ and CBD for more information. I would use it for sleep, pain and fatigue. If it worked, the combination of this and LDN would surely get me off the amitriptyline – and after more than ten years, that would be a massive win.

As you may have noticed, I don’t stop researching so more will need to be added to this list as time goes on. Though, my personal experiments are stalled while I am pregnant and then nursing. Look out for the pregnancy edition of this post.

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18 thoughts on “Why I’m Treating the Fibromyalgia as Naturally as Possible – Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia

  1. I’ve been in and out of medicine professionally for a long time. I’ve watched people with fibromyalgia transform under the influence of drugs like gabapentin.

    From my experience, fibromyalgia is typically a manifestation of other debilitating conditions. Psychological strain and trauma. Synesthesia. PTSD. Sleep abnormalities. A malnourished body, or a body that has poor fitness. Social stress. Excessive work and/or to little sleep. Dehydration.

    The list goes on and on. For some patients, they suffer from multiple causes, which makes the healing process challenging. Some are so accustomed to the stress, the depression, the anxiety…whatever the source may be, that it is difficult to identify. “Are you under any stress at home? At work? Do you sleep well?”

    You’d be amazed how many exhausted mothers will smile and nod. Comfortably content that they had a healthy 5 hours of sleep. It takes more digging to find the truth. That so many of these patients are suffering profound hardships. They are just battle-hardened and don’t complain.

    If I could give any advice to the sufferers of chronic pain, depression and anxiety it would be this: Set aside a day (a week is preferred.) Guard this one particular day like a rabid animal. Set no plans, do nothing, have no guests and as few family members as you can tolerate. Go to sleep and make sure you can do several things:

    1. Wake up with no alarm, when you feel like it.
    2. When you wake up, bathe. Take your time with it. Not just for cleanliness, but for psychological peace. Get dressed in a way that makes you feel good, or comfortable. Or don’t get dressed at all. Whatever it takes.
    3. At least once, do something physical you enjoy. Dance as crazily as you want, to any music you want. Run. Swim. Have sex (even alone.) It doesn’t matter. Make your body move.
    4. The day prior, have selected your favorite fruit, your favorite vegetable. One each. Eat them.
    5. Tell one person you love them.

    Not as easy as it seems, particularly when someone is in agony trying to get out of bed.

    But the best part is, it costs nothing (aside from the produce.) You can do it as many days as you can manage. It needs no prescription.

  2. Just wondering if these would be good for arthritis pain… Lowen @ livingpositivelywithdisability.com

    1. I would assume so, it’s all trial and error. Do let me know if they help!

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