Why You Should Celebrate Your Symptom Improvement

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Celebrate your symptom improvement/non flare days/symptom reductions. Just celebrate. In this very first quick tip coffee chat I discuss how I decided to celebrate my improvement after a week long flare.

Upon celebration of the end of a flare, it got me thinking about how I take note of other improvements.

why you should celebrate your symptom improvement and wins

I have had so many improvements over the years that little wins jump to my attention all the time. For example, I realised the other day that not having to use my heating pad all evening in order to reduce pain enough to be able to lie down at bedtime is a massive win.

Until a couple of years ago I couldn’t physically stay up past 9pm without extreme discomfort (nausea, pain, fatigue). I also needed to sit down with my heating pad on my neck for most of the evening. Now, I can get through the evening without the heating pad and I can stay up later.

Without further ado – here is the quick tip coffee chat with me – Celebrate Your Symptom Improvement

Now, not all wins are going to be huge. Sometimes it is just 10% less pain. Or that you achieved your 10 minute stretch that you wanted to do today. All of it is good and deserves celebration.

You don’t need to spend loads of time, energy or money on your celebrations. Just don’t let them go by without some kind of notice. Remember them.

Tell us, how do you celebrate your wins?

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