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Last Updated on July 28, 2014 by melissanreynolds

Our home is feeling the grip of winter. The grey, the wind and the rain pull me down. The cold seeps into my centre and even my bones are cold and tired.

I’m finding that the sleep deprivation that comes with the mama territory, plus the fullness of the job of keeping my little being, and the cold of winter are conspiring to bring me down.

The fatigue and lethargy I’m experiencing is even chipping away at my goals and desires.

In my years battling fibro/chronic fatigue, I have (proudly) managed to accomplish much. The secret is passion, huge amounts of passion.

Now I am consumed with my boy. He is a challenge, he is tiring, he is the most exquisite creature I have ever laid eyes upon – but he is all-consuming.

Added to this, my husband is working 10 hour shifts on a rotating cycle of nights, days and weekends (in a fairly physical job). So he is exhausted.

So my most immediate goal is surviving winter. Keep warm. Retain energy. Love my boys. Spring will soon be here.

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