Pregnancy & Fibromyalgia Book

Are you wondering if your symptoms will be better or worse during pregnancy? If you’ll experience a flare-up after delivery? What nursing might be like? Have you thought about what coping mechanisms you’ll utilise during pregnancy? 

Melissa shares what the research says, what she experienced in her four pregnancies with chronic pain and fatigue, and what other women shared in a survey.

After being disappointed at the lack of information about pregnancy with chronic pain and fatigue when I had my first son, I set about writing up my experiences and researching as new information became available.

Yes, I want the Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia book

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What’s in Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia book?

  1. Fibromyalgia and Pregnancy: The Literature
  2. Fertility and Fibromyalgia
  3. Lots of Natural Pain Relief Suggestions
  4. Pain Relief
  5. Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia: Tools for Managing Early Pregnancy Symptoms
  6. Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia: The Second Trimester, The Second Time
  7. Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia: The Third Trimester
  8. Labour with Fibromyalgia
  9. Nursing with Fibromyalgia
  10. How to get through the First Six Weeks with a Baby, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  11. Necessary Baby Items for a Fibro Parent
  12. Tips to Cope with a Fussy Baby When You’re Sore
  13. Coping with a Toddler: Fibro or Not!
  14. Dear Future Partners of Fibro Parents
  15. The Best Ways You and Your Loved Ones Can Support You with Small Children and Fibromyalgia

This is the result of eight years of research and personal experience from four pregnancies, labours and first years. I also include the results of a small, informal survey that I conducted.

This is a time in your life where you need information and you need it concisely. My book provides this.

What are people reading Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia saying?

Lived experience + self-awareness + systems thinking + good storytelling is golden. Add brevity and it’s priceless. Melissa’s book is priceless
—Danny van Leeuwen, Opa, RN, MPH, CPHQ
Health Hats (

Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia is a short, easy-to-digest run-down of things you can expect during a fibro pregnancy, and how to navigate them.”
—Diane Murray
Spoonie Living (

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“I found Melissa to write in a down-to-earth way that was engaging and encouraging, giving useful, manageable advice that you can actually use. Most importantly, I think, was the sense of support and hope she garners that you can indeed manage whatever life throws at you, that you can survive pregnancy and the ups and downs it may entail. I find this to be an invaluable resource and in inspirational source of encouragement, whether you know someone / a partner who deals with fibromyalgia who is pregnant, or whether you’re thinking of having a baby or are currently pregnant.”
Invisibly me (

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