Making Money with a Chronic Illness

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Making money from home was far from my mind when I first set up my blog. I began writing Melissa vs Fibromyalgia when I found myself pregnant while suffering severe chronic pain and fatigue. No doctor I met really understood or had anything to offer (one suggested I ought to be feeling better while pregnant) and there was minimal information online.

making money with a chronic illness

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After a few years I realised I had created enough content to fill a book, a life long goal of mine, so Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia was born. This was followed by Melissa vs Fibromyalgia: My Journey Fighting Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue and Insomnia. People began thanking me for my work and I realised what a need I was filling.

I realised I could simultaneously continue to create my resources, stay home with my babies and help other people with their journey fighting chronic illness.

Since then I have added the Facebook groups – Pregnancy and Parenting with Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Melissa (you) vs Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia – you are welcome to come and join us. In 2019 I added the Fibromyalgia Framework which came out as a free series on my blog and newsletter and is now available as a paperback through Amazon.

Here are some blog posts with extra details for you.

The Round Up

ways to make money online with fibromyalgia

Templates through Etsy

My Etsy Store contains my templates, worksheets and kits designed to help you fight chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia. Here is blog post I wrote about how I did it.


It all started with my blog. I had a couple of false starts with hosting companies – but I am now settled with GreenGeeks. They helped me to migrate my site from the old hosting and have helped me with every little issue. I also found a video of a techy guy who compared the top hosting companies and found that GreenGeeks is faster than those bigger, more expensive ones. As a very budget conscious consumer, I found the three year option the most cost effective.

Writing a book with a chronic illness

Find my post here from the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network where I shared how I wrote a book with chronic pain, chronic fatigue and small children. Spoiler alert: Slowly!


I also host courses, including my virtual wellness studio Wellness for the Chronic Life on Teachable. I chose Teachable because it was easy to use, the terms (including prices) were clear (this is crucial for me, I will not sign up for something that is not clear on pricing). I have created both a membership program and individual courses and have enjoyed every step. If you are a course creator, or would like to be, I highly recommend them.

Ultimate Bundles

In September 2019 my course Mindfulness for the Chronic Life was featured in the Healthy Living Bundle. I am so excited about this.

In February 2020 my Foundations of Chronic Pain and Fatigue course will be featured in the Ultimate Women’s Health Bundle. Look out for more details.


As part of my entire mission to help others in their journey fighting chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia I became a life coach in 2019 and now offer coaching. See my blog post about it here. Look out for a future post about how and why you might like to become one.

Teaching Yoga and Meditation

If you have followed any of my work for any amount of time you will know I am in love with yoga and meditation as healing modalities. They are tools we can utilise anywhere, anytime to help us with many aspects of chronic pain and fatigue. I have shared my journey with both throughout the blog and in my books. In my coaching and helping people in my groups I realised that what I really wanted to do was help people get started using these very accessible options, and the current options available are not as modified as we need them to be. So in 2019 I added yoga and mindfulness to my toolkit. The Foundations of Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue course is all about using yoga to build a toolkit to help us with pain, fatigue and insomnia.

Learning with a Chronic Illness

Here I share some flexible learning options for those of us with chronic illness.

flexible learning options for those with chronic illness

Blogs to follow about blogging and freelancing

The Bloglancer this is a blog written by a fellow spoonie making their living as a freelancer and blogger. It has so many great resources I couldn’t tell you which to start with, but her ebook The Blog Growth Toolkit is a good start.