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Welcome to Melissa vs Fibromyalgia! This is where I share my journey to live as well as possible despite chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia and the other symptoms of fibromyalgia and where I help you to do the same. With a focus on simple changes for big rewards, mindfulness and yoga – I believe that we have the most power to improve our quality of life.

As one of the few resources for pregnancy and fibromyalgia – I am so proud to have been able to fill an information void. Check out my blog posts, book and Facebook group – all of my resources are crafted with the (limited) research, my personal experience and other fibro mamas’ experiences (through informal surveys).

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I have shared my journey through three pregnancies with fibromyalgia, this has resulted in many pregnancy diaries, my delivery stories, and heaps of articles about coping with chronic pain and fatigue while being a parent. For more search the category bar “parenting” “pregnancy” “pregnancy diaries”.

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