Reading Corner – Good Books About Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, Fibromyalgia and More

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I am an avid reader. I have read a lot to fuel my fight against chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia. At all times I am reading something about health and wellness. Here I have collected all of the books I’ve discussed over the years for you.

Affiliate notice: Please note that some links on this page are affiliate links. If you make a purchase using these links I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Every bit helps me keep this site running. I am only recommending books I like.

My Five Favourite Books About Fighting Fibromyalgia

In this post I share my top five books for fighting fibromyalgia. If you want to be really targeted, you could read the first two and be well equipped.

Best Books I've Read about Pregnancy and Breastfeeding - they probably aren't what you expect

After three pregnancies and first years I have consumed a lot of information about pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is my list of eight of the best books, and they are not the general ones you would suspect.

my favourite pregnancy book as a third time mama

I love knowledge and information gathering and Oster has done it for me here. She explains the research, the data and her own conclusions while leaving you to make your choices. She talks coffee consumption, medicines and more.

Yoga for chronic fatigue book review

I love yoga for chronic pain and fatigue. This is another one of Kurin’s easy to understand seven steps to using yoga for helping with chronic fatigue.

Melissa vs Fibromyalgia book

I can’t really have a complete list about what I have written about on my blog without including my books! I am so proud that I managed to write these. They are the compilation of my experience and research.

I literally wrote a book about pregnancy and Fibromyalgia!

Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin a book review by Melissa vs Fibromyalgia

While not about fibromyalgia specifically, it is about living well and we all need to do that.

The Pain Companion book review by Melissa vs Fibromyalgia

While I usually write pragmatic ideas for managing chronic pain, this is more about managing the emotional impact of it.

The busy woman's guide to high energy happiness book review

This book is written by a fellow kiwi! It is a good introduction to adrenal fatigue and how to treat it, adrenal fatigue is often lurking about in long term chronic illness.

Night School

I am obsessed with sleep so I really enjoyed this book about it, it is packed with good research too.

Yoga for Chronic Pain Book Review image

The first book I read by Kurin – I love yoga and use it regularly. Kurin spells out how and why to use it.

living your best life

A fellow fibro fighter’s journey – it is a good read.

The Chronic Pain Manual: A Really, Real Manual on Pain by Nikki Albert

The reviews are good and say it is funny which is a nice change on the subject of chronic pain!

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