Yoga at Work

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Are you struggling to manage chronic pain and fatigue? And work makes it even harder?

Doing the work hurts, you come home exhausted, fall into bed only to toss and turn and then start the day over feeling more tired than when you went to sleep. But you have to work, because, money.

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Imagine having tools in your back pocket that you can pull out, like a superpower, anytime you need

I will take your hand (metaphorically) and give you the tools you need to make work (and the pain and fatigue) that little bit more manageable.

Targeted stretches, chair yoga classes, and relaxation techniques at work. And tools for after work too.

So that you can reduce tension, pain, fatigue, stress and work with more ease

The beauty of holistic tools like these is that they transcend the use we learn them for. So, yes, you can start using these tools tomorrow at work. But they are also an important part of your whole-of-life management plan.

This is the Working with Chronic Pain and Fatigue Program

The program where you learn to craft your work wellness plan – even with chronic pain and fatigue. We work holistically, meaning it isn’t just about what you do at work, but what you are doing the rest of the time as well.

The Working with Chronic Pain and Fatigue Workshop, the Working with Chronic Pain and Fatigue Yoga Series, and accompanying cheat sheets and worksheets will help you create a plan to make working that bit more manageable.

If you know my story, then you know that I struggled for years with office jobs that made my symptoms worse and worse. If I had had a program like this, to share these coping mechanisms with me, I wouldn’t have struggled so much. Before I could even start my journey to reducing my symptoms I had to wade through the burnout and the additional symptoms due to the pure stress of struggling with no help with chronic pain and fatigue.

I tried loads of different ways of approaching work, loads of management tools at work, and working on my symptoms. I’m bringing my experience of healthy work practices, chronic pain and fatigue management tools, and yoga tools.

This is my lifeline for you. The one I wish had come for me several years ago.

In a nut shell:

  • The Working with Chronic Pain and Fatigue Workshop – to tell you exactly what to do
  • Cheat sheets and worksheets for your personal plan
  • The Working with Chronic Pain and Fatigue yoga series – tools to discretely fit into your workday and some for use at home after work
    • Stretches for your desk
    • Discrete rest breaks for at work
    • Rest breaks for after work (maximize your evening/weekend and your sleep)

It is simple. Quick. And made for you.

You managing chronic pain and fatigue and just trying to get on with your life.

So if you are prepared to learn and then do (the doing is the crucial bit) then join us now!


  • Your pain relief plan toolkit
  • Your flare plan worksheet
  • Brief seated stretch and breathe class
  • Yoga for a neck headache class (headaches often come from upper body muscular tension)

For just $99 you get lifetime access to this very special program.

Join us here

Hi! I’m Melissa and I am so glad you have found this little spot on the internet where I help people like you manage pain and fatigue as well as possible (based on research and personal experience) so you can get on with what you need to do.

I have experienced chronic pain since I was around 17 years old. The chronic fatigue joined the party at around 21 years old (when I got a severe cold-like bug). Insomnia crept in somewhere in the middle. So, as you can likely surmise, I have lived with these symptoms and the myriad that come with them, for my entire working life.

Now that I have more than 15 years working with chronic illness, and I am a yoga teacher, I can finally put all of this hard-earned knowledge together in this course to help YOU.

I’d love to welcome you to the team. Join us now.