What Yoga is Best for Me Today Quiz

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Are you wondering what yoga is best for you? Take this super simple quiz to see what yoga suits your body and energy needs today the best.

The tools of yoga are varied and well suited to our needs as people with chronic pain and fatigue. The trick is choosing what you need today.

what yoga is best for me today quiz

By choosing one of the below options you will be shown the type of class that will suit you today and you will be given a class to try. Practical and helpful!

So choose your option, give it a go and come and join the Melissa Facebook group to tell us how it went.

The Quiz

I need to calm my central nervous system, relax fully and sink into a couple of gentle postures.

I would like some gentle, mindful movement to get my body moving in a safe manner.

I’m in the middle of a flare or would like a practice that involves being super relaxed in my bed.

I really need to know how to manage headaches caused by my neck, or tension in my upper body.

A breathing practice that I can use anytime, anywhere to calm myself would be fab today.

A super simple quiz, right? Simply pick the answer that most suits you today and come back again tomorrow and try again!

If you would like to be able to access yoga for all of the answers – whatever type of day you’re having. I have created an entire online studio of yoga designed especially for fibromyalgia – then come and check out Yoga for the Chronic Life virtual studio.

We’ve got bed yoga, meditation, restorative, gentle slow flow, strengthening, breathing practices and more. It’s all there for you to dig into.

yoga for the chronic life with Melissa Reynolds